Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflections on the Year and The Word

I cannot believe this is the final day of 2011.
Wow time has literally flown.
This year was a grand one for us as a family even though there wasn't much evidence of it here. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to document more of our adventures, but not sorry at all that I chose to live our life, explore our new community, and spend every moment we could enjoying life.
Oftentimes that left little to no energy for documentation.
Oh well.
I'm hoping now that we are somewhat settled, and the winter chill has slowed our schedule ever so slightly, that I will have more time to devote to this space.
The promise of exciting news, experiences, choices, and even a new family member already means that 2012 looks to be another fabulous year for the Fambros.

With all that said I have been thinking about my word for the year. This past year I chose quite a few and although at some point I think that I had visited each attribute a little, there was one that I feel needs its own year of focus.


The word Peace came up a few weeks ago, when I was having a particularly hard time with someone.
I messaged our minister's wife for advice and prayer on the matter to which she replied with Romans 12:18
"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone."
My first thought was, "Sure! I can PEACE this person right on out of my life! Good riddance!
But then I re-read the passage, it says to LIVE at peace with everyone, if it is possible. I began rethinking how I can better LIVE at peace with others, myself, my family and have decided to truly focus on this for my personal goal this year.
What does living at Peace mean for me?
It means that I will work to accept that which I cannot change, it does not mean that I will not continue to improve.
It means that I will accept the decision of others who choose not to remain friends, it does not mean I will love them any less.
It means that I will work to choose a gentle loving tone even in discipline with my children, it does not mean that they get to rule the roost.
It means that I will carefully consider my commitments so as to not overload myself, it does not mean that I will not fulfill that which I have already committed to.
Most importantly for me right now it means that I will work to faithfully attend to friends and family's needs, but it does not mean that I will constantly jump up to be the "saving grace" in all their problems.

It will be a lot of work, but as always I hope that it teaches me to be a better person, mother, wife, and friend.

So do you have any resolutions, words, or things you would like to learn in 2012?

Monday, November 21, 2011


Today the lesson was rest,
And how steam unclogs your nose best.
Our textbook was a tissue pressed against our nose,
and NO bending over lest our head explodes.
Hot tea with honey and lunch in bed,
"I'm so sorry I can't help you.", the boy said.

But today I am thankful not that you're sick,
but for the extra hugs, the stories read, and our slow deliberate
Caring, cleaning, tending, loving.
That was the lesson for today.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Gone but not forgotten

Seems to be the pattern with this blog huh? Life has been crazy busy since we moved to naval housing.
Most of the time its a good busy.
Jakob has been swimming for the novice swim team at the Y and has just this week been promoted to the competition team. His first meet is this Saturday. We are all excited to experience this. I'm sure he will do well. I mean 4 hours of swimming a week has to do something right? ;)
We also found a Scout group for Jakob and he seems to enjoy that. Thankfully Mike has been able to leave work in time to take him so that leave me an evening without leaving the house. *Bliss*

Hazel has been taking her dance classes and loving every minute of it. She really has enjoyed tap so far, but I think her first love will still be ballet for now. She has decided to read and was thrilled when I put some CVC words on the fridge with the magnets and she was able to sound them out. She sounds EVERYTHING out now. Shes not ready for my input right now,just enjoying her new skill, which I'm completely ok with. I'm ready when she's ready.

We've also been attending a local Homeschool Co-op which has been great! The kids really love the new friends they have made and I do as well! I teach a writing course with a Keli which is nice since we don't get to catch up at all anymore now that we are both homeschooling.

Family-wise, we went to North Carolina a couple of weeks ago for my oldest baby brother's wedding. It was beautiful, and the time spent with family afterwords was blissfully stress free. Now that we are back its back to lessons, getting gifts made for Christmas, and preparing for my In Laws to come for a visit. We haven't seen them in so long, it will be great to have them while we prep for the holidays.

That's about it as far as a catch-up. I hope to post a little about our homeschool days soon, but most days we are all so tired from having fun and learning, the thought of mindfully putting a post together just doesn't sound appealing. Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Total Health Tuesday

So apparently I have not gotten back int o my blogging routine again have I? Opps :)
Getting back into a routine is so hard, why do we ever change our routine in the first place? This summer has been awesome, and we are already a month into our homeschool year, but throughout all of that some things have taken a back seat in the priorities department.
Namely food.
I believe that I have said it before but I seem to have such a problem keeping a watchful eye on quantity and quality of my food AND a regular exercise routine.
America truly does run on Dunkin Donuts here and I fell intot he trap of Coffee Coolattas and Mini Mart snacks just because I was tired and didn't want to be mindful.
Yes, I was logging my food in to a Calorie counter, but I would just skip that day if I had a "no-no" food.
So after much thought I decided to attack my diet like I did my workout slump.
I'm paying for it.
When I wasn't loving getting up at 5 am to sweat it out, I began to just sleep in, so I joined the Y.
I'm not loving logging my foods, so I took advantage of Weight Watchers buy 3 months get 1 free deal and signed up for the online plan.
If I pay for it. I must use it. Otherwise I will rack myself with guilt.
Both of these avenues are/will help me get back into my routine. It's not that I absolutely can't do this on my own. Just right now I won't. So I need some kind of incentive to push me along until I find my grove again.
I can tell you its working. I miss working out when I don't and have even found an early morning jogging buddy to satisfy those days where I just can't make it to the gym. Eventually it will be too cold to run with her in the morning and then I will dust off my treadmill, but until then she is helping me establish my routine.
And Rhythm.
They work.
Don't stop.
Let the momentum of your success carry you.
The food department is better too. I'm learning just HOW horrible those quick snacks are. And that just because we eat healthy most of the time, the times we don't really add up so I'm learning control when it comes to the fun stuff.

Hmm getting back into the swing of things is so hard. I hope I never stop again.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Total Health Tuesday.... More is not always better.

In my realm of health there has been little to report as far as new.
All summer long I used my membership to the Y and even recruited a couple of friends to become my running buddies.
We run the Couch to 5k program together on the treadmills which is awesome because we can all run at our own pace but still be beside one another to offer encouragement... or to yell to go faster!
While I have gotten a little faster in my runs and have been able to increase my weights for my strength training, I have not really lost any more weight or inches.
And my acne is super flared.
And that makes me frustrated.
So I went to the Dr. for my check-up and told her all about it. To which she smiled and encouraged me to keep on keeping on. Its gona be harder for me, just remember anything I do positive is working more on the inside than I know.
Words I'm grateful for, but they don't move the scale, or clear the acne, or get my insides working to make a baby.
So she put me on a diuretic to try and clear up my skin.
To which I had an allergic reaction.
As in I wanted to claw the itchy skin from my body allergic reaction. Oh and stubborn me waited over a week to go back to the Dr.
And so I was put on MORE meds for the itchies.
I have now had to devise a system for keeping up with my medication. I feel old. :(
And did you know that you can start having an allergic reaction to one thing and then continue to have an allergic reaction when it is out of your system and you have introduced something else?
Well you can. And that something else is....
And while I don't really think one thing put me over the edge, I have not taken a lot of time for me to chill and refocus lately. So I've been runnin' on empty.
Well, empty and Coffee Coolattas.
So I think my body did the only thing it could do to stop me.
Break out in huge red itchy blotches that irritate so bad I can't focus on anything else in the world period.
Yeah that ought to do it. :)
So, while some things cannot be cut back on, I have made it a necessity to critically look at all our current engagements and future ones to pare back or at least share the load with Mike or friends.
Because apparently I try to do it all myself and then hold it in when I become overwhelmed.
Who me? (insert sheepish grin)

Anything new with you? Any progress or setbacks? Sound off in the comments below!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello...My Name is Allison

... and I am a slacker! Boy oh Boy I did not mean to take the entire summer off blogging but once we got fairly settled into our new place our social agenda filled up quick!
The thing about coming off a hard winter and an even harder relocation adjustment is once the sun comes out again EVERYBODY wants to do SOMETHING!
We went to cookouts, swam, took swim lessons, worked out, met LOADS of people, said goodbye to a few and welcomed more into our circle of "instant family".
We read books, weathered a hurricane, lost power, cooked and caught a variety of seafood for the first time, celebrated my Dad's 50th birthday, laughed, cried, and fell into our beds each night blissfully exhausted to have finally found our "spot" in this new to us world.

We have already started back to school and are looking forward to all the cool stuff lined up. I'm so torn on how fast the summer went so we are still spending as much time outdoors as possible. But I hope to return to my "regular" blog routine soon.
Now I will leave you with some special moments from the season...

hello dinner...

Maiden voyage of "the boat".
Summer concerts mean showing off splits right?
Libraries are awesome! Look what we found!

Jakob discovered Captain America
Fun times with cousins..
Daddy turned 50
Grandma spoiled us with a trip to the nail salon

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Total Health Tuesday- General Update

There are two new tools in my fitness toolbox now.
1: We joined the YMCA and I have been able to get back into strength training and not just cardio
2. So I don't JUST do the weights at the gym I downloaded the Couch to 5k app for my IPod.
Both have proven really motivating in getting my sweat on.
Since we go to the Y 3x a week I am still just running on the "off days" but hope to incorporate a bit of strength and/or flexibility work as well, that will require me to dig out my pilates dvds and search netflix for some inspiration.
I just don't push myself as hard at home.

I also have looked back through my fitness logs and food logs and realized that often I am not "good" on both. I may work out like a mad man OR eat like a rabbit, but never together. I am trying to be a bit more aware of that. Our CSA share starting up really helps as it has pushed lots of leafy greens in the kitchen that I may or may not always reach for. Salads are a staple for now and I'm trying to find fun healthy ways to sneak spinach in for me and the kids. (Because although its super yummy, spinach artichoke dip with crackers is not the best choice)
Lately food wise my biggest obstacle is the weekend.
As the weather has improved everyone wants to get together and chow down. Which is great for this winter weary Southern Girl who got just a bit more lonely than she let on, but not so great for my wavering willpower as often times grilling out means lots of processed foods and sugary desserts.
My gluten rebelling belly is trying to help me out by reminding me with not so subtle pain after each offense. It helps, but not always as I am not yet used to thinking about all the things I shouldn't or cannot have and often time plop something in my mouth without thinking ( another problem).
Physically wise I am noticing an increase in energy, now that I am not killing myself first thing in the morning for workouts and spending much needed reflection time. Also I have lost all but one pound of the 5 I gained during the move process. Its a success, but I won't truly start counting it until I get back to where I was before the move.

That's a general update on health here. No real news or accomplishments with the PCOS, but I am confident the more weight I lose and the more aware of food that my body does and doesn't need I am, then my insides will begin coming online again. ;)
How's ur Summer going? Is it easier to eat healthy now for you or harder?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Menu Monday

This week I find myself with a plethora of veggies.
Our summer CSA has started and I am extremely thrilled with the amount of Yum in my fridge right now.
That being said, we have to eat this stuff quick so it doesn't go to waste. Seems like with our recent hectic schedule that pick up day comes so quick.

Here's what we have this week.
Granola and Yogurt

Sandwiches and Salad (or fruit)
Tuna and crackers
Veggies and Hummus

Eggs in a Nest (Leftover from last week's menu)
Spinach Calzone
Broccoli Casserole
Potato Soup (for the rainy day)
Spinach Strawberry and Walnut Salad (a recipe from our CSA newsletter)
Spinach and Cheese quesadillas

Can you tell we have a bit of Spinach? Anyone have any tried and true Smoothie recipes with Spinach or Kale that are kid friendly? Or do I just throw a handful in when they're not looking and go with it?

Also I finally found a stash of Bob's Red Mill flours of various kinds at a local shop so I will be experimenting with a loaf bread and pita bread and tortillas. I hope to at least find a decent loaf bread solution soon as paying $3 a loaf for spelt bread it a little pricey.

For more ideas on summer nourishment head over to Org Junkie and check out their Menu.

Friday, June 10, 2011

this moment-

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Total Health Tuesday.... I want Daddy Part 2

My poor husband, he puts up with so much.
Even after long days at work he still has the will to come home and let me air my frustrations when I need to.
I try not to bombard. I know he is tired, and frustrated too.
But he knows sometimes I need to get it out.
Yell, negotiate, figure, the works.
It's my way of dealing, and most of the time we both know that through this process I will have answered my own questions and solved my own problems.
His job is to sit there and smile, give me a hug, or smack me back into reality when I get a little too crazy (just joking).
This weekend I was venting about our current scheduling situation and how I just couldn't seem to fit everything I needed and the kids needed into every day and still stay sane.
The sane part was the problem.
To which he agreed and said, "We've got to find you some help, or a way for you to get a break."
Frustrated by the "duh" comment I screamed, "I don't want anyone's help, I want you! I don't need someone ELSE to give me a break I need YOU!"
We both just looked at each other in amazement at my level of craziness.
So today I joined the Y.
Yes I understand its ok for me to want my husband home, and that I'm entitled to my feelings about the situation.
I also understand I can either continue digging this hole or grab the rope that's hanging there and let someone else give me a hand.
The latter is a bit more productive.
Joining the Y right now frees my usual morning workout time up for the planning and prep for my day time that I have been lacking.
It allows me to still rise to meet my day and to begin in quiet meditation, bible study, and homeschool planning that I need to continue.
It also insures that I can still acquire the fitness time I need to battle this weight and disease.
It's not my husband and its not free.
But its necessary.
Life seems so much easier when you have a helping hand.
Now if I can just work on that sane part........

Monday, June 6, 2011

Menu Planning Monday

Alright we are back in business. Time to plan these menu's if I ever hope for our budget to have a chance.
Here lately we have found ourselves in the awesome situation of taking advantage of tons of invites from friends to cook out. This means I am having to cook less (bringing only a side or dessert) but having to be MORE careful of my choices. Because really very few people think figure friendly when the grill gets goin. While this may be heaven for my time constraints, not so much for my waist.
This week I hope to rectify that.

Sorghum Muffins
Granola and Yogurt
Buckwheat Pancakes
Smoothies (I bought a blender YAY!)
Breakfast Risotto

Lunch (Still a hard meal for me):
Hummus and Veggies
Salad and tuna

Sweet Potato Pizza
Salmon Patties
Crockpot Chicken and Veggies
Chicken and Veggie soup
Quinoa Taco Salad
Spaghetti Squash Pesto Lasagna
Eggs in a Nest

There are 7 dinners here but I doubt we will get to them all this week, priority is using the vegetables my hubby snagged from the Farmer's Market this week. But at least there are 7 planned. (now if I could get lunch together I would be SET!)
Be sure to visit all the other yumminess everyone is inhaling over at Org Junkie

Friday, June 3, 2011

this moment.... better late than never!

I don't want YOU, I want DADDY!

She gets out of the bath and I wrap her towel around her.
"Now dry off and get dressed for bed Hazel"
"But I'm CCCOLDDD. I don't want too!"
"If you dry off and put your clothes on, you won't be cold."
"Hazel you need to get dressed now."
"I don't WANT YOU, I WANT DADDY!!!".......

I'm sure this happens to everyone at some point, be it a discipline situation, or a parent trying to help a toddler navigate a particularly tricky spot on a new playground, or any other situation. At some point YOU are not wanted, someone else IS.
As parents we take it in stride seeing that maybe this is our child telling us they prefer how another parent handles a situation to another, or maybe that our child needs that time from the other parent, or maybe even they are just trying to stretch their negotiating skills a bit and see what they can get.
It happens.

I was thinking about this today and how the situation pertained to my own actions as an adult. When I'm presented with something I am not very fond of, or feel too overwhelmed to deal with right now my usual response is, "I don't want THAT, I want THIS!!"
It may be my dislike for my children's attitudes, or my choices at the Commissary, or even what's available in the clean laundry versus the dirty.
Today it's a schedule.
My Husband's to be exact.
It's changing and in ways I'm not fond of. I don't have a choice, a say, or even 30 seconds to plead my case before a jury of my peers.
And all I want to do is stamp my feet and scream "I DON'T WANT THIS!!!!" (and at moments I have)
I'm trying though to be the adult. Trying to channel my inner Polyanna and peel back the scum of the situation to find the good, or at least that its not going to be that bad.
I'm trying to see that my current expectations of this job have GOT to change. I've got to learn a better way to communicate, to utilize my resources, and trust.
But to be honest.... I don't WANT to.
I want my husband.

So please if you think about it pray for us, send us some positive vibes, or just count your blessings. I may need your example to follow soon.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Plans

We are officially on Summer Break here and loving every minute of it.
I don't usually plan a ton of Summer activities each year mainly because Summer is when we are unpacking in a new location. This year not excluded.
I did want to make sure and maintain a semblance of a rhythm throughout the season so that we don't go spinning off into crazy land and so that the new school year is not such a shock when it comes around again.
Our daily rhythm at this point looks somewhat like this:
Finish Chores
Garden work and walk
Morning activity
Pool/Afternoon Activity
Play til you drop.... or remember that its Dinnertime.

Again this is what I strive for each day. I have been better about Dinner than it looks like, but the kids have been playing hard and making friends with the MASSES of children in the neighborhood. They are in Heaven. And minus a few instances of playground politics this Momma is too.

Chores are a big thing in our house and Jakob has reached the point of taking on other jobs as he has handed down some of his smaller chores to Hazel. We are navigating and learning how to do them still. Hazel is excited to add a "Big Chore" a day to her list just like her brother. Momma is still trying to find her rhythm in how she wants to clean, but to be honest after two weeks of heaving boxes from one end of the state to the other, I have just done the minimum and allowed myself a little more sleep in the mornings.

Our Morning and afternoon activities are nothing fancy. Stories, Library time, crafts, and Science experiments will be our go-to here. We officially own more Science experiment books than any one family should be allowed so my hope is to explore those throughout the Summer. There are LOADS of awesome ideas floating around right now and I am bookmarking certain things, but trying to keep the rest just simple.

Hazel is still in dance so our Saturdays are filled with shuttling her there and taking turns going to the Farmer's Market (I love that my Hubby asks to go to market.... although it may be because he doesn't want to go to Ballet *wink*). We will be participating in a Reading Program, though I'm not sure which because of probable travel plans.
We are going to North Carolina in July for my dear Daddy's 50th birthday and Jakob will be visiting extended family for a while longer either before or after our trip. Because of this I don't feel the need to add any other bells and whistles to the time off.
This is plenty.

That's our Summer, lots of fun playtime and enjoying being a kid. Sounds perfect to me! Whats on your agenda this Summer? Do you like to take a slower approach or do you have certain activities that your family looks to each Summer?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yarn along...pictureless

Since moving, I have placed my camera SOMEWHERE.
I'm sure its somewhere I KNEW I would remember but alas, it's not presented itself yet.
To be honest I haven't looked a lot but I have been reading and knitting.
(since that's the only thing I could do with my hand in a sling for 3 days)
I picked up my Hubby's sock again and have been working on it. I'm almost to the point of being ready to turn to the heel and all of the tutorials that were sent me a few weeks ago have really given me confidence! Thanks!
I saw this book over at Rockin Granola (she's awesome btw) and was happy to get it in at my local library.
Oh the wonderful information and "ah-ha's" I have found so far within its pages. Simplifying our lives has been a goal of mine for some time now, but this book addresses not only the pairing down of stuff and activities in our kids lives, but the amount of mental "stuff and activities" that we as adult carry around as well. I must admit this is an area I need to work on.
Good Stuff.

On a lighter note the kids and I are reading Alice in Wonderland as our night-time reading. The kids rooms are now directly across from one another which has given to a bit of struggle at bedtime when one little girl wants to sing herself to sleep and the other little boy wants to concentrate on hearing his breath til he dreams. Momma sitting in the hallway between reading a chapter a night has seemed to work out well.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Total Health Tuesday.... Relocated, Re-inspired, and Ready

We are finally here, moved and mostly settled.
It was stressful, funny, ridiculous, and glorious.
Most things I thought could go wrong didn't, yet there were other *fun* hiccups to take their place.
In the middle of it all I have ate and succumbed to the stress and gave myself permission not to work out.
The results?
Too scared to step on the scale.
I'm sure its gone up.
But its done.
Over with.
In the past.
Last Tuesday was the season finale of The Biggest Loser. I have never watched a finale til this one.
Throughout the entire season she has really been the one to stand out to me, even over the other women whom I shared similar characteristics with.
I admired her grace, her honesty with her struggles, and her love for her sister. I also thought she was just like any "other" overweight person who just needed to flip the switch and get their act together.
Until they recapped the intro to the show ( which I had missed).
Here I saw a woman pleading for her life to figure things out so that she could succeed not only in her professional life, but in her personal life as well.
See Olivia has PCOS.
She was 261 lbs.
She had lost weight before.
Just to add it back on and more.
But she wanted more.
She wanted a part she had not been able to play.
A song she had not yet sung.
And to be a mother to a child where the opportunity had escaped her because of the weight.

Olivia lost over 49% of her body weight.
129lbs to be exact.
She WON.

It can be done.
And she showed the world how to do it with grace and poise.
I have done well.
I'm ready to be better.

Go here to see her beauty and inspiration.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Being a Coastie Wife.... You Chuckle Head!!

That's what my loving husband called me on Thursday when I finally tracked him down.
I had to repeat the story at least twice before he really got it.

"Honey I fell. I've hurt my arm, it's swollen and it hurts pretty bad. The clinic suggests I go to the ER to get it checked out. Would it be terribly bad if you had to come home or are you guys swamped?"

"How did you fall?"

"Weeeelllll. We were playing outside and Jakob and I were trying to ride his Ripstik."

"WHAT?!?! Why were you doing that? Why would you EVER do that?"

"Umm it was fun? I was bored?"
(I can just feel his eyes rolling)

"You Chucklehead!"

Yep that's right. This week I had as my brother calls it a "death" in the family in the form of my common sense.
I, the only adult at home decided to explore the inner kid in me and jump on my son's TWO WHEELED skate board.
As per Amazon's description: "Best described as a cross between a skateboard and a snowboard, the Ripstik caster board is the perfect ride for kids looking for the next big thrill. The board is distinguished by its pivoting deck and 360-degree inclined caster trucks, which offer a snowboard-like carving ability. A simple weight transfer lets you turn or accelerate without pushing, just like when you're carving down the slopes."

So instead of "carving the slopes" Jakob and I were carving the driveway.
Apparently not successfully.
didn't jump off in time and fell and severely jammed my elbow. Thankfully nothing is broken, but if there is anything that will teach a lesson its humility.
Because having to tell that story to 3 different medical personnel face to face left me as red as an apple.
Needless to say I have been the source of much laughter this week.
Sometimes being a Coastie Wife means your a "Chuckle Head".
Its a tough job. ;)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Total Health Tuesday- Give me a BREAK!

Painting, packing, and planning.
That is my life fore the next few days.
For the past two days I have gotten up to run and tormented myself with the urge/need to go back to bed.
Moving disrupts the rhythm, and I have been fighting hard to keep it.
As I rolled out of bed I noticed how sore my legs and arms were. Like I had worked them out really hard.
Thats when I realized, "You know getting up and down off of a recycling bin used as a step ladder to paint trim IS a workout!"
And I have the aches to prove it. Plus comming off a WONDERFUL weekend retreat with our church where most everything was on one hill or another, AND the new fun activity I discovered in canoeing I think I have been doing my fair share of working my body.
I have not run a single mile this week. But you know what thats ok.
I'm moving. Up and down steps, lifting boxes, and navigating a laundry list of "to-dos".
I think I can give myself a break this week and know that although my treadmill miles may not see the proof of my efforts, my body is still telling me "Good Job!".

Have you found other ways of fitness not connected to workout equipment? Did you have a hard time acknolwedging this as work as well? Feel free to share.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Being a Coastie Wife..... Callin in the Calvary!!

One of my very first "jobs" when we get to a new location is to immediately establish a support group.
Some places have been easier than others. And its mostly a cultural thing. Making friends that you can trust truly only depends on how ready everyone else is to allow you into "the fold".
In the military we can't wait that long.
I once had a friend tell me, "I don't have time to play around here, I need a best friend to get me through this or to find someone else."
She was recounting a conversation to another person, but I remember just being in awe of how strong she was and how I could never see myself as so bold (although at times I wish I could be).
But support through other wives, civilian friends, church groups, etc. its all very important and vital to ones sanity.
"It takes a village to raise a child."
It also takes one to keep a Momma sane.
Problem comes when we move so often and at the same time as others living this crazy life that we find ourselves in an area where we need people but haven't been there long enough to really establish a support group.
Where do we get help, when the only people we "know" are the people your husband works with and they are all in the same boat?
No body wants to just hand their kid over to a stranger, nobody wants to unpack the house alone, and nobody wants a bunch of random people coming in and helping you unpack your "unmentionables".
It can be stressful, but we always manage to find a way, find some friends, or maybe one friend who each of us knows with just a look that we are in this boat together and there is this unspoken bond of "This country is what ties us together, and and we care for it and each other like we do our children so you can depend on me."

And then?

There are times when you just have to call in the Calvary.
Also Known As
For you it may be a sibling, your Dad, or a best friend from High School.
For me it's my Mom.
And when we sat down and looked at the timetable we had in front of us and the craziness of Mike's schedule I knew what I had to do.
I called Momma.
I knew that I needed some kind of reprieve, help, something that either I couldn't get here because I didn't know if I had the stamina to endure the uncertainty of moving without my husband.
She'll be here in a few hours.
Though the trip is not quite the time I had originally expected, it is perfect. She will be coming to give us the needed relief, breather if you will to withstand the next few weeks.
Of course I'm going to put her to work too!
Hey I can't paint AND cook at the same time can I?
So here's to the Calvary, the ones that are local and the ones you fly in to save your sanity.
The village no longer has walls.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yarn Along

On the needles this week:
Finishing up the Baby Legs ( I just have to bind off and sew in extras now)
I'm searching for my next project but in the meantime I will just go back to the socks I keep ignoring. Anyone know a non scary sock tutorial? My Hubby will thank you, he REALLY wants some socks. :)
Reading this week:
The Tao of Parenting. It's really a nice simple read with little insights that help me throughout the day. I should be further along but the moving, birthdays, and yardsales have consumed most of my time. I have a few other Parenting books I have happened upon and will hopefully finish them up next week. Or they will go back to the Library. I'm just about DONE with this "input" reading phase of mine and want to just read a simple story. Little Women, Whuthering Heights, or the Secret Garden sound nice don't they? Or maybe I can actually tackle READING Gone With the Wind.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Total Health Tuesday- The Woman in the Picture

I'm not a big fan of her lately.
She looks a bit frumpy. A little older, a LOT tired.
I mean Geeze! Can she not do something with her hair?
I have noticed that often times I let my appearance take the back burner, especially when I'm spread a little too thin.
Metaphorically of course.
I usually justify not taking a moment with excuses like, "Its just me and the kids, I'm gona get dirty anyways, or My hair's growing out so ponytail it is!"
In the day to day I don't worry about it.
But then I catch myself in a picture.
Be it an older one or a recent one. And Neither one of those people are who I see in the mirror.
The older pictures have me smiling, confident, hair combed, and most often a touch of makeup. These newer pictures, I look frumpy, slouched, EXTREMELY pale, and in general just awkward.
Which is really frustrating when I am working so hard to better so many aspects of my life that it just knocks the breath out of me.
So what to do?
Be aware.
Stand up straight.
A little Powder helps
And the miracle that comes with actually blow drying your hair is amazing.
I am also making it a point at the end of the day to pinpoint the thing I have done for me that day and be thankful for it.
It may be just a few rows of knitting, the few extra minutes I took to actually shave, or the moments in bed I take to breathe and stretch and compliment myself on something.
It's no Nip/Tuck fix but I think I like who I see a little better now.
I hope she shows herself in a picture once in a while.

How are you managing your Total Health Today? Feel free to share any successes or advice in the comments

Monday, May 9, 2011

Menu Monday

Wow the week flew by. I can't believe that it has been almost a week since I have been to this space.
Tow more week and we are DONE with this house and on to included utilities. YAY!!
Here's what's left from last week that w e will be having this week.

Breakfast Risotto
Slow cooker Breakfast Casserole
Yogurt and Fruit
Sorghum muffin Recipe
Pumpkin Scones

Leftovers, Salad, Tuna

Bean and Kale Scramble
Crock Pot White Chili
Pesto Spaghetti Squash Lasagna
Sweet Potato Chili
Moroccan Lentil Soup
Honey Lentils
Split Pea Soup

What's on your menu this week?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Total Health Tuesday-I don't exercise to burn Calories

My mom sent me this video of this medical lecture. The Title I got was "Is Sugar Toxic?"
Although some of the technical stuff went WAY over my head, I was grateful of the few moments in Biology and Chemistry where I paid attention (or stayed awake) so I could mainly follow along.
Throughout the whole talk the MD is discussing high fructose corn syrup and its detriments.
I "knew" it wasn't the best stuff in the world but I had no idea our body cannot process it at all and it just stays in our liver forever.
He also debunked the "calories in/calories out" claim, stating that no two calories are equal there are good and bad (more than the empty and full).
And that's when he got to exercise.
He said you don't exercise to burn calories.
You would never survive.
Exercise is for the stress reduction, the centering if you will of your hormones and such so that your body can in turn do what its suppose to do after its burned off some of this fog that we have created by the things you eat.
Whether this is wholly true or not I'm not sure, but its a notion I can cling to right now as stress levels are through the roof and the scale isn't budging despite eating well.
I can hold on to the willpower to get up and workout each morning if I know it has something more to do than make the calories go down.
I really encourage you to take the time to listen/watch this. It has some good stuff in it. He also breaks it down about the similarities between sugar and the effects of alcohol.
Food for thought and read your labels! ALL of them! My "sugar free" coffee creamer had high fructose corn syrup as the first ingredient! Crazy!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Menu Monday

Ok so we are in serious countdown til the move. Less than 3 weeks and soo much still to finalize and pack. I have come to the realization that you cannot in fact pack a three level home, keep it in "show condition", and avoid moving boxes constantly. All while the garage is off limits because it holds all the goodies for the yard sale. Yeah not possible.

Anyways I have been thinking about my off hand comment about laying out a month of meals and how ridiculous that would be for me to follow.
I figured though that I could make a 2 week menu based on the food prices I happen upon on paydays. This may help me to reduce my trips to the store to twice a month if I can plan it right. So here's the list...

Buckwheat Pancakes
Blueberry Muffins (trying a gluten free mix cross you fingers)
Breakfast Rissoto (breakfast in the crock pot? Why yes I think I will!)
Slow Cooker Breakfast Casserole
Yogurt and Fruit
Sorghum Muffin Recipe
Pumpkin Scones
Granola and Almond Milk (our compromise on cereal)

Leftovers, Salad

Split Pea Soup
Ham and Veggies
Bean and Kale Scramble
Eggs in a Nest
Crock Pot White Chili
Pesto Spaghetti Squash Lasagna
Sweet Potato Chili
Moroccan Lentil Soup
Honey Lentils
Broccoli Casserole
Chickpea Balls and Marinara over rice (or quinoa)
Asparagus Quiche

As you can see I fully intend to give my crock pot a workout over the next few weeks. I really see this as my only method of survival. I haven't been able to make up extra meals like I would have liked to due to budget constraints and time constraints. Fortunately I have a FAB church family and one lady there has offered to cook us a meal for our move in night so that's one less thing on my list of "to plan for's".
And although I was really scared and overwhelmed at first I *think* I may have planned the next 2 weeks gluten free! I sure hope I feel some differences. Don't forget to head on over to Org Junkie to see what's cooking elsewhere!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

Here we have the winners from the Curriculum Giveaway.... Thanks to a Little Help from

For the Table top Play and Learn Preschool Book...
Megan from Megan O Photography!

For the First Grade Curriculum.....
Mama Hen!

Ladies I am sending you an email right now and you have 24 hours to send me your snail mail before I choose another winner. Errand day is Wednesday so I have to send it out then.

Thanks for everyone who entered. This was my first giveaway and it was so much fun. I have some more stuff in the works so stay tuned and feel free to mosey around for a while on Confessions of a Coastie Wife.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly Wrapup- Schooling, Packing, and House showings Oh My!

This week I am very grateful for a lighter schedule.
Between trying to keep the house clean for showings, staying with my "2 box a day" packing schedule, and managing the intake of Easter candy (by all members of this family) I was very glad when I reviewed my lesson plans for the week and saw that we were working on telling time.
This was one of the areas Jakob had already learned during his traditional school days so there wasn't much to learn. We focused on honing his knowledge of different terms related to telling time such as "Quarter till and after" and "Half past".
This was a bit tricky for him but once we got the clock manipulative out then he saw more clearly how it all works.
Because this was a relatively simple idea for him I also started on next week's project which was making Times Table Clocks.

This was great fun for the both of us, and he was excited I let him use the laminating machine to preserve them. We revisited the patterns we found in the different tables and I passed on my Mom's little treasure of "12x12 is 144 EWW GROSS!"(a gross being 12 dozen of something) We had fun saying that over and over again.
Good Times.
Our Morning Walks this week have proven lovely as each day we were supposed to have rain but we were able to avoid it.

The kids received bug catchers in their Easter Baskets, so the fun this week was Bug Hunting. Hazel is now obsessed with ants. Jakob is still digging for worms where ever he can and LOVES to gross his Mommy out with HUGE wigglers. Hey I might have them in the house but they are in a container and have a job to do. And I don't have to look at them.

Jakob is doing much better with his cursive and no longer needs the prompt sheet for lowercase letters. I have been having him write words from previous spelling lists and he has been doing a fabulous job. We have been doing all of our writing on chalkboards but I think soon we will begin to move our writing to paper to see how he does. Sometimes lined paper is rougher on his handwriting than just blank so we will start with blank and then occasionally work with lined. To me it sounds totally weird but looking at his writing you can definitely tell a difference so we will go with it.

Friday of last week a very special package came in the mail. My mom sent rain boots for Hazel (which she has rarely taken off since) and they both received a very special gift of harmonicas from their Uncle CaLeb. My brother is a FAB musician and loves that his nephew and niece hang on his every word (and note). I wasn't exactly thrilled at 6am on Saturday morning when the harmonicas started what was to be their 3 hour song, but now that Jakob has had a bit of time with them, he's turning out to be pretty good. I found some online music and lessons and we have been playing around with them each evening before bed.

Jakob is really into reading mystery books right now. He's loving the Boxcar Children Mysteries, A-Z Mysteries, and the Calendar Mysteries. We are still reading the Guardians of GaHoole series aloud (only nine more to go!), and he reads everyday to Hazel while I brush her hair. She has discovered that she LOVES the Fancy Nancy books and has us read them so much she can all but repeat them. She likes to tell you that one word is a fancy word for another... a LOT.

We are all counting down until our official last day of "school". Two more weeks and we will be done with lessons for a while. While we will be learning life lessons during the move, I'm not going to stress myself out over school while we settle in. I have a few plans for the Summer, but I will share those later next week.

this moment- at least the clinic has a great view

this moment- a picture from the week I want to remember. Inspired by Soule Mama

Thursday, April 28, 2011

On Being a Coastie Wife... What we Have Here is a Failure to Communicate.

Last week Mike ended up with two days off giving him a long weekend for Easter. We were very excited at the prospect of having Daddy home since before we didn't think we would have any time.
Although the time off was filled with appointments for me, birthday parties, and Easter celebrations, we were able to get some time at home just breathing.

Sounds lovely but I noticed I was really on edge. Things were not going nearly like we normally operated and the kids were exceptionally hyper and confrontational at all this new time with Daddy.
I felt like I was constantly playing mediator between people in our house and I was not happy about it.
Upon a bit of reflection I realized that the main reason we were all not meshing well was that we weren't all on the same page.
I know that Mike had been working long hours but I never really stopped to think about how that affected our communication. We talk about our day, the events, what we will plan for , but since there's so little time from the moment he walks in the door to the time he collapses on the pillow we never really get a chance to get to the "meat" of things.
I have the opportunity by being home everyday to change things as I see they are needed to best work for our family. Because I am the homeschooling "teacher" for the most part, the day to day decisions of scheduling, mediating, sensory work and stuff has been left to me. This is not because he's a "hands-off Dad" but because I'm the one here all the time. And unfortunately lately he's not.
Problem comes when I have been tweeking our schedule, eating and sleeping habits, discipline approach and such and not relaying these to Mike.
He trusts my decisions but none of us like to come home to an old game with new rules that we haven't been privy to.
So after a bit more reflection and carefully choosing my words so the explanation in changes didn't seem like a personal attack on his parenting, we were all able to get on the same page and actually talk "meat". As always he was able to offer views I did't see and together we have been able to be supportive in our parenting.
So my lesson to learn is to remember to make time to talk and stay on the same page even when our schedules get too hairy. I'm thinking a running notebook of letters to one another might help.
Makes me wonder if this is part of those hard parts when the guys get back from deployment. It can't be easy for those families whose spouses are gone for months and months.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Total Health Tuesday-Back from the Doc

So last week I made the trip down to the Health Clinic to see the Doctor and the Nutritionist.
Halfway there they called and said the nutritionist couldn't see me and they would have to reschedule.
Good thing I had the other appointment already scheduled or that would have been most inconvenient with gas at almost $4 a gallon.
But I digress...
The Dr mainly had a good report, was pleased with my weight loss so far even though I was worried it wasn't "enough". She also was pleased that I had taken it upon myself to start using a regime of progesterone cream. Because of my flare up of acne again she said that was proof that I had not hit my correct dosage of meds, so she upped them. She also shed some light onto my recent onslaught of headaches and told me it was due to the metformin affecting my blood sugar and insulin levels so I should pay very close attention to not going too long without food as this is more than likely the cause of the headaches.

My thoughts?
One, I'm a little disappointed I couldn't see the Nutritionist and two, I'm worried a little about this increase in meds mainly because it comes with the promise of another increase. The side effects can be well..... inconvenient to leaving the house and I really dislike living in fear of what my body is going to do each day. I'm also having to take double the amount of vitamin supplements to combat the drain that the meds seem to have on me. Good news is B12 is AWESOME!

I know I haven't been as strict with my foods as I should be and I'm feeling the need to just have a week (or weekend) to get my thoughts together on the foods I need to eat and those I don't and find suitable alternatives and stress free substitutions. But having the time to just think on ONE thing seems to elude me right now. I blame the Easter candy ;)
I also know that metformin, progesterone, birth control (if I decide to go on them) its only treating the symptoms. And I really feel as though if this is a chronic disease (as the doctor told me it was) then I have GOT to find a lifestyle fit that stabilizes all of this. Because I do NOT want to be at the mercy of a pharmacy for the rest of my life.
I'm not really sure what that will entail. Everyone has a different opinion on what works which means nothing works for EVERYONE.
It's a little maddening at times, but I'm very grateful to have the medical community to help while I try and find a NON-medical solution to this problem.

Monday, April 25, 2011

When the grass dies

This year I thought it would be the coolest thing ever to grow our own grass for our Easter baskets.
"The Bunny LOVES real grass." I kept telling my kids as a reminder to water their trays of grass seed.
What looked like was going to be a total success quickly turned sour.
Just call me Betty Black Thumb.
Jakob watered diligently but Saturday evening he looked at me and said, "Mom, I just don't think the grass is going to make it."
Of course I had no "back up grass" and I REFUSED to brave the retail world the day before Easter.
So we painted....
Using old copy paper we just painted the evening away, then when the papers were dry we cut them into strips, scrunched them up, and Wa-laah! Easter Grass!
So now you know, "When the grass dies, Paint!"
Painting the Roses red just popped in my mind. I think I shall visit Wonderland now.

Weekly Wrapup- The Week Before Easter

Also Known as the "Week of the Egg"

This week would normally be Spring Break for us, but as we are cutting off two full weeks of school for moving, we needed to keep working.
Great thing is, this was a very light week where we discussed the passing of days in the form of a grain of a day.
We looked at the different grains each day before they were ground (or not in the case of the wheat) and experienced the difference in their tastes and textures in our dishes.
It was really neat as I had not tried some of these grains and those we had eaten before we looked for a new spin on how to make them ie: we had rice pudding for the first time.

We also read the story of Passover and talked about its meaning. I'm not very versed in the whole tradition, so we basically read the story of Moses and left it at that. Next year though, there will be a Seder. I'm excited!
In keeping with our discussions of time and specifically the lunar cycle, we briefly discussed how certain cultures utilize the lunar cycle to determine their months and therefore determine their ceremonies which of course is why certain holidays we celebrate fall slightly different each year.
The rest of the week we spent decorating eggs in various forms from our natural dyes leftover from a previous lesson (they were a bit old so only onion worked), painting with watercolor, dotting them with melted crayon, and finally the tried and true hard boiled food coloring and vinegar method.
Fun times for all.

I love how this egg looks like a sunset

Daddy was home for a couple of days for me to head to the Dr and for a day off to recoup, Friday's lunchtime came around and I realized I did not have anything planned. Opps! So we got out the flour and made little cutout dough shapes and Daddy whipped up a yummy surprise of Gravy! MMMM. We haven't had much Southern Comfort food since moving up here, so its nice every once in a while to just "sink into your roots" with a fork and knife.
The final "egg" we made were in the form of beeswax. Jakob and I made egg candles! They were soo beautiful! And there are few things in this earth that smell better than beeswax. Oh its Heavenly!
That was our "school week" how was yours?

Curriculum Cleanout #2- US Only

Lookie Lookie What I'm giving away!
This is such a wonderful resource for preschool age children. I have used it for years with both of my kids as both a curriculum and as playdate activities. Our cover is worn but all the info inside is still good.
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Curriculum Cleanout is HERE!!- US Only


This year I am participating in the Curriculum Cleanout Hosted By Homeschool Creations
This is an awesome way to bless and be blessed by curriculum that is no longer useful in yours or someone else's home.
For this entry (I will have one more... I think only one.) I am offering the Home Education Curriculum Grade 1 by McGRaw-Hill Publishing.

This is a great all in one curriculum and really guided me our first year with homeschool. Most of the books referenced in this curriculum are available at the library so that means minimal cost for other supplies. Super Great for the new Homeschooling home.
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Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day- One step at a time

Today is Earth Day.
A day to rejoice in this gift, this home, this sanctuary we call Earth.
There are so many ways to celebrate this holiday and for our family it usually comes with the embarking of a new step into simplicity.
I have always raised an eyebrow to the newest big money market of "green products" but I am willing to contend that if nothing else these products are a happy compromise to those "less crunchy".
Over the past few years our family has truly made strides in bettering our health and our impact on the planet. While we are not perfect by any means and do not employ a 100% all the time approach, I feel proud to say that we have made a little headway in these areas...

Inspired by a Momma in Florida who just asked us to do this one thing.
The very little plastic we still have in the kitchen takes its form in yogurt containers and other reusable storage. We've also been known to turn a milk carton into a flower bed, and toilet paper tubes into seed starters.

Using cloth instead of Paper Towels-
A truly radical idea when I first saw this in action, and really only started out as an experiment. We have been paper towel free now for over a two years.

This has taken a couple of forms for us, the latest being the worms!

Making laundry soap-
Not only is it cheaper (which is usually my initial reason for choosing a path), but all the containers are recyclable as well. I am also looking into soap nuts as another option

Home-made Food
Not only does it taste better, but sooo much less packaging to deal with. With online forums today like All and the free resource in the Library, there's no excuse not to have the know how to make at least one decent meal a week.

We buy local and handmade whenever we can-
Cutting down on the carbon foot print of goods and services while supporting our local economy just seems like the right thing to do. This even includes consignment shopping.

All of these steps came of their own time and need. Many were simply the result of a budget stressed Momma just trying to stretch a dollar.

This year we are looking to take another step. Into nature. I want us to get out and experience this world a little more, be it camping and hiking, or pulling a blanket outside and examining what's in the grass, I want us to take it all in.
I figure, "What's the point of hammering all this conservation stuff into our heads if we don't get out and enjoy what we are saving?"
It is very easy with the accommodations of today to sit inside and be amused, learn, and even play, but we are missing so much by just not stepping outside our four walls.
I have no grand "plan" to accomplish this other than to take as many morning walks as I can with my kids. We are already loving the thrill of new growth sightings all around us and I can't wait to see how our passion for our planet grows by just getting outside.

this moment- Let's Go Fly a Kite

A weekly photo of a moment I want to treasure. Inspired by Soule Mama

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yarn Along

Joining up again with Ginny over at small things to share what's on the needles and filling our minds.
Last week I was eagerly anticipating the outcome of Jakob's sweater vest. I am happy to say that all has come out well! I am now a true believer in blocking and more reviewed patterns!
This week I am starting a simple project for a friend. Its just some baby legs for her little girl who is showing her momma all signs of potty training readiness, but life is proving a little difficult as its not quite warm enough yet to let kiddos run around half naked. I hope this will help.
Reading wise I have laid aside Mindful Parenting for the moment. It's a really deep read and my levels of exhaustion do not allow me to devote the mental power needed to take in all of this books goodness. So I moved on to equally though provoking but much lighter reads. The Tao of Poop and Mitten Strings For God. Both of these books give a real world view on mothering while at the same time encouraging the mother to create the world that they want to see in simplicity and love.
Both of these books are fabulous and I find myself reaching for a pen and paper often to write down the bits of wisdom.
I think I may have to purchase one or both of these books otherwise I may end up transcribing them in their entirety!
I'm off for another chapter! Don't forget to pop in over at small things to admire other works of art!

Being a Coastie Wife.... Stranger Danger!

Home is where the heart is. It's where you are safe and secure and strive to create a relaxing haven away from the stressors of the world.
When you're renting that "haven", the illusion must come to an end sooner than your exit.
I'm talking about that time during your last 4-6 weeks in the home where your landlord is trying to fill the house with a tenant to move in 5 minutes after you vacate.
This means masses of people parading through your domain (preferably without you there) at varying times of the day.
Dealing with a family's schedule can be tough, throwing in 5 Realtor's schedules is a nightmare.
I always cringe when this time comes because the house is never clean enough, organized enough, nor is dinner able to be prepared without making a mess on the oven.
My husband doesn't understand why I get so upset. Why I do the "dance of the Bumble Bee" every time the phone rings.
Technically it's not my problem I mean we are fulfilling our lease and everything will be ready once we leave, but there's that part of me who can't stand to have strangers judge me.
A friend? I won't clean for, ask anyone I know. A stranger will have me shampooing my carpets at a moment's notice.
I admit I am strange.
This week I decided to take matters into my own hands and emailed the property manager letting him know when we would already be out of the house.
We only really have a few reoccurring activities per week where we are all out of the house, but by giving him these times I was able to let him know when he could show the house... on our terms.
Taking control of the situation in this manner allowed me to be honest with him and explain that since we are still schooling and living here, these would be the times where I could feasibly have the house ready.
He was grateful. He knows this house is going to be a hard sell in this neighborhood. And any extra "spit shine" one can put on it is very helpful.
I must say so far this week has been much less stressful. While I still cringe at the idea that someone I don't know is walking around my house sending my poor puppy into a frenzy and possibly noticing I have YET to clean my oven, it is much nicer to leave our sanctuary on our terms and not at a moment's notice just because the phone rings.
This is also a reminder as I go through our yard sale stuff that we can get rid of much, do with less, and ensure more peace without all the excess to clean.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Total Health Tuesday- Numbers Update

Well its been about a month since I have weighed in, and I have my follow-up with the nutritionist and the DR this week so I'm sure they will have more info for me to share next week.
Since the last time I weighed in I have lost 5 lbs!
I also taped myself off a month ago and based off my new measurements I have lost a total of 3 inches overall!
Double Yippee!!
So here's how the past month has been...

What's working:
Working out. I run/walk 4-5 times a week traveling about 12-15 miles per week.
Menu Planning. By making sure I have the meals planned I have avoided calling my favorite pizza place for delivery for a month! Yay!
Rising early. Getting up before the kids means I wake up on my terms and no one else's. I'm thinking about implementing this on the weekends as well to set a better tone.
Being conscious. During my shower or clothes folding time I take the moment to focus on areas of our day that I would like to work on (ie: getting dressed time in the morning with Hazel, everyone speaking kindly and softly, and mealtimes where I know there will be a little resistance from some on trying new dishes). By recognizing these parts of my day before they happen I am able to mentally prepare myself for these times and possibly think of ways to better deal with them.

What's not working:
Food Tracking. For some reason I'm having a hard time being consistent with my tracking. I think its because I'm worn out by the menu planning, working out, and other stuff.
Feeling overwhelmed: I recognize that I'm in a tough spot with moving, schooling, and a hubby that has a non-existent schedule. While I try to take a moment to collect myself and breathe, I am constantly bombarded with thoughts of what I still need to get done and the basic fact that I plain ole' miss my partner in crime.
My face: Ugh the acne's back. It was gone for about a week or two and then it's back. This is definitely on my list of things to talk about with the Dr.

What I'm hoping to work on:
Honestly I don't think that I can add anything new to my plate right now without signing my own commitment to the looney bin. My goal for the next month will be to continue with positive progress and try to work a little more on food tracking.

What are your successes this month? Any areas you recognize you would like to focus on? Battle plan for those areas?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Menu Monday

Monday Monday Monday!!
This week I am slightly more enthused about planning. Only slightly though. I'm seriously contemplating working out a month of meals and that be the staple to go by.
Who am I kidding?
I could never stick with that!

This week's Breakfasts are a little all over the place as we are trying to incorporate a different grain each day. I'm still working on it, but right now rice pudding is for breakfast for Monday, and porridge on Friday.... the rest will come.

Lunch will be leftovers as I have yet to commit to making a loaf of bread since deciding I needed to try a gluten free option.

Dinner is where all the planning has taken place...
Quinoa and Balsamic Mushrooms
Butternut Squash Risotto
Black Bean Enchiladas
Turkey and Veggies (Our Passover Celebration meal)
Turkey Fajitas (because there will be leftovers and I got my Wildtree Fajita Spice this week)
Black Beans and Corn bread.
I will be making the tortillas with Sorghum Flour or Spelt so they will be gluten free as well.
I'm still on the fence as to going totally gluten free but am working on at least a variety of flours at the moment.
As I mentioned before I did get a variety of spices from a Wildtree party I attended, so I'm working on experimenting with those as well. Hopefully their website will prove helpful in finding new and yummy ideas for dinner!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly Wrapup- April 11-15

Whoa! Another week gone just like that!
We had more plain ole' ordinary homeschool fun this week, but this time I did manage to take a few shots.
Our theme this week was Mud.
Although a Mud theme is quite common in New England, I for one have never really "celebrated" it.
Up here though, you just have to well because.... its everywhere!
Once all that snow and ice melts, that is all that survives. And you are so happy to be in fresh air that doesn't slice you throat as you breathe in you just gotta go play in the mud.
No, there's no way to keep it out of the house either.
I'm starting to see the reason Crocs and Rubber galoshes were invented.

So, mud.
We painted our papermache' birds nest with mud colored paint, dug for worms, made Mud Pie, and gave each other Mud Facials.
We had a mud themed poem, read books about mud and mopped up more mud than you can ever imagine.
Of course the house was a wreck by the end of the week, which is precisely when the property manager called to say he wanted to show our house... in five hours. Opps! Thank goodness for a sunny day in which I could throw my kids outside in is all I have to say.

The day we made mud pie was soo much fun. Jakob has really been putting an effort in to try new and different foods as he is learning that he has been missing out on some tastes because of his pickiness. Well when he saw Mud Pie on the Board for our baking activity he was truly torn.
Mom! Are we really eating mud?
What does it say son?
Mud Pie
Well what kind of pie do you think it is?
*sigh* Mud.
He almost lost it when I gave him a bowl and two spoons and told him to dig up a bowl of dirt for the pie.
Of course we didn't eat dirt.
Its a really unhealthy snack of chocolate cookies, chocolate pudding, and gummy worms for fun. YUMMY!

This week we were able to go out almost every morning for a walk and explore. We had fun identifying the flowers and plants in bloom and mentally noting the ones we didn't know to look up later. I really need to get us a good nature guide for this.
The kids also took time each morning to listen and watch the birds as they are all a flutter. We saw a fight between a couple of males for a female which was really awesome!

Math this week was mostly a review about time and the various ways in which we measure time. We talked about sun dials, the lunar cycle, the Months, and how and why the stars rotate by seasons. Jakob is working on memorizing the poem about the days in the months and he had a little question or two in his math book each day to answer about which month had how many days.

Writing this week was good. Jakob is familiar with the lowercase cursive now and can write almost any word I give him without looking at his prompt page.
We started working on some Upper case letters but quickly realized that the uppercase was in a style not normally taught today. It was the style I learned in school, but now cursive has evolved. So I am looking at the letters and seeing which ones correlate and we worked on those.

Music lessons continue to improve and he is finding great confidence in playing without me. Hazel is also showing interest and I believe I will get her a flute for next year.

Other than that we spent as much time as possible playing outside, organizing for the yard sale, and cleaning up our mud.
Again here are a few books that were enjoyed this week..

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