Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yarn Along

On the needles this week:
Finishing up the Baby Legs ( I just have to bind off and sew in extras now)
I'm searching for my next project but in the meantime I will just go back to the socks I keep ignoring. Anyone know a non scary sock tutorial? My Hubby will thank you, he REALLY wants some socks. :)
Reading this week:
The Tao of Parenting. It's really a nice simple read with little insights that help me throughout the day. I should be further along but the moving, birthdays, and yardsales have consumed most of my time. I have a few other Parenting books I have happened upon and will hopefully finish them up next week. Or they will go back to the Library. I'm just about DONE with this "input" reading phase of mine and want to just read a simple story. Little Women, Whuthering Heights, or the Secret Garden sound nice don't they? Or maybe I can actually tackle READING Gone With the Wind.


Tracey said...

I have only knit one pair of socks so someone else may have a better way, but I used
to help me and they actually turned out!
Hope that helps.

Mary G said...

Here's a tutorial I did in a bulky to make it easier to knit and see what's going on ... ... and the written out pattern that goes with the tutorial is here: They're both free so hope that helps. If you want others, check out Ravelry as there are many and quite a few that are free also.

I do like that striping on the legs!

Plain and Joyful Living said...

I have been knitting a two needle sock pattern which is so simple
Warm wishes,

KnitterMama said...

Oh I remember just loving The Secret Garden... That sounds like a really good one.

The Fambros said...

Thanks guys! I really think I can figure out the heel now! You all are awesome!

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