Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Total Health Tuesday.... I want Daddy Part 2

My poor husband, he puts up with so much.
Even after long days at work he still has the will to come home and let me air my frustrations when I need to.
I try not to bombard. I know he is tired, and frustrated too.
But he knows sometimes I need to get it out.
Yell, negotiate, figure, the works.
It's my way of dealing, and most of the time we both know that through this process I will have answered my own questions and solved my own problems.
His job is to sit there and smile, give me a hug, or smack me back into reality when I get a little too crazy (just joking).
This weekend I was venting about our current scheduling situation and how I just couldn't seem to fit everything I needed and the kids needed into every day and still stay sane.
The sane part was the problem.
To which he agreed and said, "We've got to find you some help, or a way for you to get a break."
Frustrated by the "duh" comment I screamed, "I don't want anyone's help, I want you! I don't need someone ELSE to give me a break I need YOU!"
We both just looked at each other in amazement at my level of craziness.
So today I joined the Y.
Yes I understand its ok for me to want my husband home, and that I'm entitled to my feelings about the situation.
I also understand I can either continue digging this hole or grab the rope that's hanging there and let someone else give me a hand.
The latter is a bit more productive.
Joining the Y right now frees my usual morning workout time up for the planning and prep for my day time that I have been lacking.
It allows me to still rise to meet my day and to begin in quiet meditation, bible study, and homeschool planning that I need to continue.
It also insures that I can still acquire the fitness time I need to battle this weight and disease.
It's not my husband and its not free.
But its necessary.
Life seems so much easier when you have a helping hand.
Now if I can just work on that sane part........

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