Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Total Health Tuesday- Give me a BREAK!

Painting, packing, and planning.
That is my life fore the next few days.
For the past two days I have gotten up to run and tormented myself with the urge/need to go back to bed.
Moving disrupts the rhythm, and I have been fighting hard to keep it.
As I rolled out of bed I noticed how sore my legs and arms were. Like I had worked them out really hard.
Thats when I realized, "You know getting up and down off of a recycling bin used as a step ladder to paint trim IS a workout!"
And I have the aches to prove it. Plus comming off a WONDERFUL weekend retreat with our church where most everything was on one hill or another, AND the new fun activity I discovered in canoeing I think I have been doing my fair share of working my body.
I have not run a single mile this week. But you know what thats ok.
I'm moving. Up and down steps, lifting boxes, and navigating a laundry list of "to-dos".
I think I can give myself a break this week and know that although my treadmill miles may not see the proof of my efforts, my body is still telling me "Good Job!".

Have you found other ways of fitness not connected to workout equipment? Did you have a hard time acknolwedging this as work as well? Feel free to share.

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