Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Total Health Tuesday- The Woman in the Picture

I'm not a big fan of her lately.
She looks a bit frumpy. A little older, a LOT tired.
I mean Geeze! Can she not do something with her hair?
I have noticed that often times I let my appearance take the back burner, especially when I'm spread a little too thin.
Metaphorically of course.
I usually justify not taking a moment with excuses like, "Its just me and the kids, I'm gona get dirty anyways, or My hair's growing out so ponytail it is!"
In the day to day I don't worry about it.
But then I catch myself in a picture.
Be it an older one or a recent one. And Neither one of those people are who I see in the mirror.
The older pictures have me smiling, confident, hair combed, and most often a touch of makeup. These newer pictures, I look frumpy, slouched, EXTREMELY pale, and in general just awkward.
Which is really frustrating when I am working so hard to better so many aspects of my life that it just knocks the breath out of me.
So what to do?
Be aware.
Stand up straight.
A little Powder helps
And the miracle that comes with actually blow drying your hair is amazing.
I am also making it a point at the end of the day to pinpoint the thing I have done for me that day and be thankful for it.
It may be just a few rows of knitting, the few extra minutes I took to actually shave, or the moments in bed I take to breathe and stretch and compliment myself on something.
It's no Nip/Tuck fix but I think I like who I see a little better now.
I hope she shows herself in a picture once in a while.

How are you managing your Total Health Today? Feel free to share any successes or advice in the comments

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