Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Total Health Tuesday.... More is not always better.

In my realm of health there has been little to report as far as new.
All summer long I used my membership to the Y and even recruited a couple of friends to become my running buddies.
We run the Couch to 5k program together on the treadmills which is awesome because we can all run at our own pace but still be beside one another to offer encouragement... or to yell to go faster!
While I have gotten a little faster in my runs and have been able to increase my weights for my strength training, I have not really lost any more weight or inches.
And my acne is super flared.
And that makes me frustrated.
So I went to the Dr. for my check-up and told her all about it. To which she smiled and encouraged me to keep on keeping on. Its gona be harder for me, just remember anything I do positive is working more on the inside than I know.
Words I'm grateful for, but they don't move the scale, or clear the acne, or get my insides working to make a baby.
So she put me on a diuretic to try and clear up my skin.
To which I had an allergic reaction.
As in I wanted to claw the itchy skin from my body allergic reaction. Oh and stubborn me waited over a week to go back to the Dr.
And so I was put on MORE meds for the itchies.
I have now had to devise a system for keeping up with my medication. I feel old. :(
And did you know that you can start having an allergic reaction to one thing and then continue to have an allergic reaction when it is out of your system and you have introduced something else?
Well you can. And that something else is....
And while I don't really think one thing put me over the edge, I have not taken a lot of time for me to chill and refocus lately. So I've been runnin' on empty.
Well, empty and Coffee Coolattas.
So I think my body did the only thing it could do to stop me.
Break out in huge red itchy blotches that irritate so bad I can't focus on anything else in the world period.
Yeah that ought to do it. :)
So, while some things cannot be cut back on, I have made it a necessity to critically look at all our current engagements and future ones to pare back or at least share the load with Mike or friends.
Because apparently I try to do it all myself and then hold it in when I become overwhelmed.
Who me? (insert sheepish grin)

Anything new with you? Any progress or setbacks? Sound off in the comments below!

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Angela said...

Love you! Miss you!! Trying to "get back to it" here too.

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