Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly Wrapup- Schooling, Packing, and House showings Oh My!

This week I am very grateful for a lighter schedule.
Between trying to keep the house clean for showings, staying with my "2 box a day" packing schedule, and managing the intake of Easter candy (by all members of this family) I was very glad when I reviewed my lesson plans for the week and saw that we were working on telling time.
This was one of the areas Jakob had already learned during his traditional school days so there wasn't much to learn. We focused on honing his knowledge of different terms related to telling time such as "Quarter till and after" and "Half past".
This was a bit tricky for him but once we got the clock manipulative out then he saw more clearly how it all works.
Because this was a relatively simple idea for him I also started on next week's project which was making Times Table Clocks.

This was great fun for the both of us, and he was excited I let him use the laminating machine to preserve them. We revisited the patterns we found in the different tables and I passed on my Mom's little treasure of "12x12 is 144 EWW GROSS!"(a gross being 12 dozen of something) We had fun saying that over and over again.
Good Times.
Our Morning Walks this week have proven lovely as each day we were supposed to have rain but we were able to avoid it.

The kids received bug catchers in their Easter Baskets, so the fun this week was Bug Hunting. Hazel is now obsessed with ants. Jakob is still digging for worms where ever he can and LOVES to gross his Mommy out with HUGE wigglers. Hey I might have them in the house but they are in a container and have a job to do. And I don't have to look at them.

Jakob is doing much better with his cursive and no longer needs the prompt sheet for lowercase letters. I have been having him write words from previous spelling lists and he has been doing a fabulous job. We have been doing all of our writing on chalkboards but I think soon we will begin to move our writing to paper to see how he does. Sometimes lined paper is rougher on his handwriting than just blank so we will start with blank and then occasionally work with lined. To me it sounds totally weird but looking at his writing you can definitely tell a difference so we will go with it.

Friday of last week a very special package came in the mail. My mom sent rain boots for Hazel (which she has rarely taken off since) and they both received a very special gift of harmonicas from their Uncle CaLeb. My brother is a FAB musician and loves that his nephew and niece hang on his every word (and note). I wasn't exactly thrilled at 6am on Saturday morning when the harmonicas started what was to be their 3 hour song, but now that Jakob has had a bit of time with them, he's turning out to be pretty good. I found some online music and lessons and we have been playing around with them each evening before bed.

Jakob is really into reading mystery books right now. He's loving the Boxcar Children Mysteries, A-Z Mysteries, and the Calendar Mysteries. We are still reading the Guardians of GaHoole series aloud (only nine more to go!), and he reads everyday to Hazel while I brush her hair. She has discovered that she LOVES the Fancy Nancy books and has us read them so much she can all but repeat them. She likes to tell you that one word is a fancy word for another... a LOT.

We are all counting down until our official last day of "school". Two more weeks and we will be done with lessons for a while. While we will be learning life lessons during the move, I'm not going to stress myself out over school while we settle in. I have a few plans for the Summer, but I will share those later next week.


SmallWorld at Home said...

Looks like a lovely life with your little ones! And rain boots are the best!

Our Country Road said...

Good luck with your moving-we have moved twice in the last 2 years and I am SO DONE with moving for awhile! Hope yours goes well. Yay for harmonicas, boo for 6 am songs. Glad you have changed it to right before bed.

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