Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Total Health Tuesday- General Update

There are two new tools in my fitness toolbox now.
1: We joined the YMCA and I have been able to get back into strength training and not just cardio
2. So I don't JUST do the weights at the gym I downloaded the Couch to 5k app for my IPod.
Both have proven really motivating in getting my sweat on.
Since we go to the Y 3x a week I am still just running on the "off days" but hope to incorporate a bit of strength and/or flexibility work as well, that will require me to dig out my pilates dvds and search netflix for some inspiration.
I just don't push myself as hard at home.

I also have looked back through my fitness logs and food logs and realized that often I am not "good" on both. I may work out like a mad man OR eat like a rabbit, but never together. I am trying to be a bit more aware of that. Our CSA share starting up really helps as it has pushed lots of leafy greens in the kitchen that I may or may not always reach for. Salads are a staple for now and I'm trying to find fun healthy ways to sneak spinach in for me and the kids. (Because although its super yummy, spinach artichoke dip with crackers is not the best choice)
Lately food wise my biggest obstacle is the weekend.
As the weather has improved everyone wants to get together and chow down. Which is great for this winter weary Southern Girl who got just a bit more lonely than she let on, but not so great for my wavering willpower as often times grilling out means lots of processed foods and sugary desserts.
My gluten rebelling belly is trying to help me out by reminding me with not so subtle pain after each offense. It helps, but not always as I am not yet used to thinking about all the things I shouldn't or cannot have and often time plop something in my mouth without thinking ( another problem).
Physically wise I am noticing an increase in energy, now that I am not killing myself first thing in the morning for workouts and spending much needed reflection time. Also I have lost all but one pound of the 5 I gained during the move process. Its a success, but I won't truly start counting it until I get back to where I was before the move.

That's a general update on health here. No real news or accomplishments with the PCOS, but I am confident the more weight I lose and the more aware of food that my body does and doesn't need I am, then my insides will begin coming online again. ;)
How's ur Summer going? Is it easier to eat healthy now for you or harder?

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