Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Total Health Tuesday.... Relocated, Re-inspired, and Ready

We are finally here, moved and mostly settled.
It was stressful, funny, ridiculous, and glorious.
Most things I thought could go wrong didn't, yet there were other *fun* hiccups to take their place.
In the middle of it all I have ate and succumbed to the stress and gave myself permission not to work out.
The results?
Too scared to step on the scale.
I'm sure its gone up.
But its done.
Over with.
In the past.
Last Tuesday was the season finale of The Biggest Loser. I have never watched a finale til this one.
Throughout the entire season she has really been the one to stand out to me, even over the other women whom I shared similar characteristics with.
I admired her grace, her honesty with her struggles, and her love for her sister. I also thought she was just like any "other" overweight person who just needed to flip the switch and get their act together.
Until they recapped the intro to the show ( which I had missed).
Here I saw a woman pleading for her life to figure things out so that she could succeed not only in her professional life, but in her personal life as well.
See Olivia has PCOS.
She was 261 lbs.
She had lost weight before.
Just to add it back on and more.
But she wanted more.
She wanted a part she had not been able to play.
A song she had not yet sung.
And to be a mother to a child where the opportunity had escaped her because of the weight.

Olivia lost over 49% of her body weight.
129lbs to be exact.
She WON.

It can be done.
And she showed the world how to do it with grace and poise.
I have done well.
I'm ready to be better.

Go here to see her beauty and inspiration.

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