Monday, January 3, 2011

My Words for my Mind

I have finally settled on my words that I want to focus on this year. I got this idea from a post from Simple Homeschool concerning choosing Purposeful Words for the year. So here they are.


These are all the things I hope to embody this year. I know it will be a struggle at times, but I truly feel the need to establish a calming in my mind for this year. With my limited computer knowledge I have created a little Word Document with all of these words on here in various fonts. My plan is to print them out, color it, and hang it up in a frame in my house so that I can see them and be reminded of them. There is no big plan in how I am going to accomplish all these words, there's no need. They are things I want, things I need for myself and for my family. I just need the reminder that I am worth it.


Angela said...

What a fabulous idea!! Patience is such a good word to work on, don't know a single parent who doesn't need a little more of that :-)

Sherri said...

That is a great idea...and I love your list! I think everyone could just ditto that list!

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