Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Total Health Tuesday

So apparently I have not gotten back int o my blogging routine again have I? Opps :)
Getting back into a routine is so hard, why do we ever change our routine in the first place? This summer has been awesome, and we are already a month into our homeschool year, but throughout all of that some things have taken a back seat in the priorities department.
Namely food.
I believe that I have said it before but I seem to have such a problem keeping a watchful eye on quantity and quality of my food AND a regular exercise routine.
America truly does run on Dunkin Donuts here and I fell intot he trap of Coffee Coolattas and Mini Mart snacks just because I was tired and didn't want to be mindful.
Yes, I was logging my food in to a Calorie counter, but I would just skip that day if I had a "no-no" food.
So after much thought I decided to attack my diet like I did my workout slump.
I'm paying for it.
When I wasn't loving getting up at 5 am to sweat it out, I began to just sleep in, so I joined the Y.
I'm not loving logging my foods, so I took advantage of Weight Watchers buy 3 months get 1 free deal and signed up for the online plan.
If I pay for it. I must use it. Otherwise I will rack myself with guilt.
Both of these avenues are/will help me get back into my routine. It's not that I absolutely can't do this on my own. Just right now I won't. So I need some kind of incentive to push me along until I find my grove again.
I can tell you its working. I miss working out when I don't and have even found an early morning jogging buddy to satisfy those days where I just can't make it to the gym. Eventually it will be too cold to run with her in the morning and then I will dust off my treadmill, but until then she is helping me establish my routine.
And Rhythm.
They work.
Don't stop.
Let the momentum of your success carry you.
The food department is better too. I'm learning just HOW horrible those quick snacks are. And that just because we eat healthy most of the time, the times we don't really add up so I'm learning control when it comes to the fun stuff.

Hmm getting back into the swing of things is so hard. I hope I never stop again.

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