Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Special Delivery!!!

Tuesday the mailman skeptically handed a package to a very eager Jakob. He looked at me as though he was thinking, "Yep, it's confirmed you are weird."

Jakob looked at me with sheer glee in his eyes.
"MOM!! The worms are FINALLY here!"

We set up our bins about three weeks ago so the kids have been anticipating the arrival of our newest family addition.
Once the snow finally melted here I went out to check on my compost bin and saw that there had been no progress since the last time I peeked in. Like around November.
My bin isn't very fancy, actually its a trash can with holes punched in for air and I just rolled it around with the lid firmly in place to turn the compost.
It worked in Florida.
Not so much in Rhode Island.
After pricing actual compost bins. The ones that spin, I realized we needed a better more economical solution for soil for our garden.
So we got worms.
A lovely lady at the Farmer's Market mentioned the Worm Ladies.
This is a local business that promotes vermiculture. Their site is wonderfully informative and based off of it we were able to make our own bins and ordered our new workers.

Right now they are the center of attention for Hazel. She has to check on them constantly. Which is a good thing because.... well.... they try to escape. Which the kids are handling wonderfully. Me? Yeah its gross. I am all for these guys making dirt for me, but please don't try to skoot out!

But with a lamp clamped on the tub we are keeping them at bay. Kinda like training a puppy to where his boundaries are. Right.. a puppy. Anyways so much fun!

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