Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Resolutions

I LOVE making New Year Resolutions!
Its a time for endless possibilities, time to dream, time to improve, time to throw away all that hasn't worked or held me down and start anew.
People who balk a New Years Resolutions annoy me. 
Yes I understand that often people make promises and they don't keep them, Yes I even understand that sometimes they don't intend to keep them, but to spend a few moments at least dreaming of what you can become can take you places.  Its like the ONE time everyone stops and actually daydreams about something BETTER.
There are soo many things I want to improve this year.  I want to write more, knit more, play outside more, paint more, cook more, explore more, read MORE. 
The details on how to accomplish all of this are still a little fuzzy but I know they are important because they are all things that make me happy. 
And they are all things that have taken a backseat in 2012.
Don't get me wrong last year was GREAT!  Nothing can compare to the birth of a child, and yet there were some definite struggles through last year.  Things that left me on my knees clawing at the very existence of God, begging for help, demanding answers, and sometimes even throwing tantrums at the ones I received. 
Mostly though 2012 was a year that I gave away to others.  I gave all my time to my children, your children, children I didn't even know... I gave my body over to grow a child, my mind over to worry over a loved one, and my sleep to all the above.
I don't regret a minute of it, but the stark cold reality of it is that all that giving away has left me a little more weathered in the face, seasoned in the hair, and scattered in the mind.
In short it left me old.
I am 32.  I am not old.
So this year while I still have the needs of a lot of others to care for, I HAVE to care for me too.  Because if I don't ... well you think you can throw a tantrum.  You haven't seen mine lol.
First things first is getting this body working again.
That means being healthy.
There are a lot of aspects of health but right now I am to tired to be a philosopher.  I just need this machine to work again.  And thankfully I have a partner willing to help.  But that is for another post.  For now, Lillian is asleep so I must follow her example..  Good night

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Best Year End EVER!!

Days leading up to New Years Eve we had not put much thought into any real activities...
I mean the idea of staying up PAST my children sleeping and missing those moments where I can close my eye myself?
Not appealing at all. :)
But all of a sudden we did have plans and we gathered the kids and the camera and headed to the church.
To witness a Baptism.
It was the best way to end 2012.
After the wet hugs and well wishes we went home for an improvtu fire and smores.

Then we got back to the "real plan" and went to bed right at midnight. 
Happy 2013!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Lordy it has been almost a year since my last post!  Time sure does fly when you are having fun!  Now we are embarking upon a brand spankin New Year and boy am I excited. 
2012 was a year of growth for our family as we added a new member to the family,
 Miss Lillian Corynne Fambro.
  I will write her story soon as it is a tale that MUST be told :)
For now I just wanted to embrace this space again and say hi old friend I have missed you!
Blessings to All! 
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