Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yarn Along

Joining up again with Ginny over at small things to share what's on the needles and filling our minds.
Last week I was eagerly anticipating the outcome of Jakob's sweater vest. I am happy to say that all has come out well! I am now a true believer in blocking and more reviewed patterns!
This week I am starting a simple project for a friend. Its just some baby legs for her little girl who is showing her momma all signs of potty training readiness, but life is proving a little difficult as its not quite warm enough yet to let kiddos run around half naked. I hope this will help.
Reading wise I have laid aside Mindful Parenting for the moment. It's a really deep read and my levels of exhaustion do not allow me to devote the mental power needed to take in all of this books goodness. So I moved on to equally though provoking but much lighter reads. The Tao of Poop and Mitten Strings For God. Both of these books give a real world view on mothering while at the same time encouraging the mother to create the world that they want to see in simplicity and love.
Both of these books are fabulous and I find myself reaching for a pen and paper often to write down the bits of wisdom.
I think I may have to purchase one or both of these books otherwise I may end up transcribing them in their entirety!
I'm off for another chapter! Don't forget to pop in over at small things to admire other works of art!

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