Friday, June 3, 2011

I don't want YOU, I want DADDY!

She gets out of the bath and I wrap her towel around her.
"Now dry off and get dressed for bed Hazel"
"But I'm CCCOLDDD. I don't want too!"
"If you dry off and put your clothes on, you won't be cold."
"Hazel you need to get dressed now."
"I don't WANT YOU, I WANT DADDY!!!".......

I'm sure this happens to everyone at some point, be it a discipline situation, or a parent trying to help a toddler navigate a particularly tricky spot on a new playground, or any other situation. At some point YOU are not wanted, someone else IS.
As parents we take it in stride seeing that maybe this is our child telling us they prefer how another parent handles a situation to another, or maybe that our child needs that time from the other parent, or maybe even they are just trying to stretch their negotiating skills a bit and see what they can get.
It happens.

I was thinking about this today and how the situation pertained to my own actions as an adult. When I'm presented with something I am not very fond of, or feel too overwhelmed to deal with right now my usual response is, "I don't want THAT, I want THIS!!"
It may be my dislike for my children's attitudes, or my choices at the Commissary, or even what's available in the clean laundry versus the dirty.
Today it's a schedule.
My Husband's to be exact.
It's changing and in ways I'm not fond of. I don't have a choice, a say, or even 30 seconds to plead my case before a jury of my peers.
And all I want to do is stamp my feet and scream "I DON'T WANT THIS!!!!" (and at moments I have)
I'm trying though to be the adult. Trying to channel my inner Polyanna and peel back the scum of the situation to find the good, or at least that its not going to be that bad.
I'm trying to see that my current expectations of this job have GOT to change. I've got to learn a better way to communicate, to utilize my resources, and trust.
But to be honest.... I don't WANT to.
I want my husband.

So please if you think about it pray for us, send us some positive vibes, or just count your blessings. I may need your example to follow soon.

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