Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Total Health Tuesday-Back from the Doc

So last week I made the trip down to the Health Clinic to see the Doctor and the Nutritionist.
Halfway there they called and said the nutritionist couldn't see me and they would have to reschedule.
Good thing I had the other appointment already scheduled or that would have been most inconvenient with gas at almost $4 a gallon.
But I digress...
The Dr mainly had a good report, was pleased with my weight loss so far even though I was worried it wasn't "enough". She also was pleased that I had taken it upon myself to start using a regime of progesterone cream. Because of my flare up of acne again she said that was proof that I had not hit my correct dosage of meds, so she upped them. She also shed some light onto my recent onslaught of headaches and told me it was due to the metformin affecting my blood sugar and insulin levels so I should pay very close attention to not going too long without food as this is more than likely the cause of the headaches.

My thoughts?
One, I'm a little disappointed I couldn't see the Nutritionist and two, I'm worried a little about this increase in meds mainly because it comes with the promise of another increase. The side effects can be well..... inconvenient to leaving the house and I really dislike living in fear of what my body is going to do each day. I'm also having to take double the amount of vitamin supplements to combat the drain that the meds seem to have on me. Good news is B12 is AWESOME!

I know I haven't been as strict with my foods as I should be and I'm feeling the need to just have a week (or weekend) to get my thoughts together on the foods I need to eat and those I don't and find suitable alternatives and stress free substitutions. But having the time to just think on ONE thing seems to elude me right now. I blame the Easter candy ;)
I also know that metformin, progesterone, birth control (if I decide to go on them) its only treating the symptoms. And I really feel as though if this is a chronic disease (as the doctor told me it was) then I have GOT to find a lifestyle fit that stabilizes all of this. Because I do NOT want to be at the mercy of a pharmacy for the rest of my life.
I'm not really sure what that will entail. Everyone has a different opinion on what works which means nothing works for EVERYONE.
It's a little maddening at times, but I'm very grateful to have the medical community to help while I try and find a NON-medical solution to this problem.

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