Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Total Health Tuesday-I don't exercise to burn Calories

My mom sent me this video of this medical lecture. The Title I got was "Is Sugar Toxic?"
Although some of the technical stuff went WAY over my head, I was grateful of the few moments in Biology and Chemistry where I paid attention (or stayed awake) so I could mainly follow along.
Throughout the whole talk the MD is discussing high fructose corn syrup and its detriments.
I "knew" it wasn't the best stuff in the world but I had no idea our body cannot process it at all and it just stays in our liver forever.
He also debunked the "calories in/calories out" claim, stating that no two calories are equal there are good and bad (more than the empty and full).
And that's when he got to exercise.
He said you don't exercise to burn calories.
You would never survive.
Exercise is for the stress reduction, the centering if you will of your hormones and such so that your body can in turn do what its suppose to do after its burned off some of this fog that we have created by the things you eat.
Whether this is wholly true or not I'm not sure, but its a notion I can cling to right now as stress levels are through the roof and the scale isn't budging despite eating well.
I can hold on to the willpower to get up and workout each morning if I know it has something more to do than make the calories go down.
I really encourage you to take the time to listen/watch this. It has some good stuff in it. He also breaks it down about the similarities between sugar and the effects of alcohol.
Food for thought and read your labels! ALL of them! My "sugar free" coffee creamer had high fructose corn syrup as the first ingredient! Crazy!

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