Monday, May 30, 2011

Being a Coastie Wife.... You Chuckle Head!!

That's what my loving husband called me on Thursday when I finally tracked him down.
I had to repeat the story at least twice before he really got it.

"Honey I fell. I've hurt my arm, it's swollen and it hurts pretty bad. The clinic suggests I go to the ER to get it checked out. Would it be terribly bad if you had to come home or are you guys swamped?"

"How did you fall?"

"Weeeelllll. We were playing outside and Jakob and I were trying to ride his Ripstik."

"WHAT?!?! Why were you doing that? Why would you EVER do that?"

"Umm it was fun? I was bored?"
(I can just feel his eyes rolling)

"You Chucklehead!"

Yep that's right. This week I had as my brother calls it a "death" in the family in the form of my common sense.
I, the only adult at home decided to explore the inner kid in me and jump on my son's TWO WHEELED skate board.
As per Amazon's description: "Best described as a cross between a skateboard and a snowboard, the Ripstik caster board is the perfect ride for kids looking for the next big thrill. The board is distinguished by its pivoting deck and 360-degree inclined caster trucks, which offer a snowboard-like carving ability. A simple weight transfer lets you turn or accelerate without pushing, just like when you're carving down the slopes."

So instead of "carving the slopes" Jakob and I were carving the driveway.
Apparently not successfully.
didn't jump off in time and fell and severely jammed my elbow. Thankfully nothing is broken, but if there is anything that will teach a lesson its humility.
Because having to tell that story to 3 different medical personnel face to face left me as red as an apple.
Needless to say I have been the source of much laughter this week.
Sometimes being a Coastie Wife means your a "Chuckle Head".
Its a tough job. ;)

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