Thursday, April 21, 2011

Being a Coastie Wife.... Stranger Danger!

Home is where the heart is. It's where you are safe and secure and strive to create a relaxing haven away from the stressors of the world.
When you're renting that "haven", the illusion must come to an end sooner than your exit.
I'm talking about that time during your last 4-6 weeks in the home where your landlord is trying to fill the house with a tenant to move in 5 minutes after you vacate.
This means masses of people parading through your domain (preferably without you there) at varying times of the day.
Dealing with a family's schedule can be tough, throwing in 5 Realtor's schedules is a nightmare.
I always cringe when this time comes because the house is never clean enough, organized enough, nor is dinner able to be prepared without making a mess on the oven.
My husband doesn't understand why I get so upset. Why I do the "dance of the Bumble Bee" every time the phone rings.
Technically it's not my problem I mean we are fulfilling our lease and everything will be ready once we leave, but there's that part of me who can't stand to have strangers judge me.
A friend? I won't clean for, ask anyone I know. A stranger will have me shampooing my carpets at a moment's notice.
I admit I am strange.
This week I decided to take matters into my own hands and emailed the property manager letting him know when we would already be out of the house.
We only really have a few reoccurring activities per week where we are all out of the house, but by giving him these times I was able to let him know when he could show the house... on our terms.
Taking control of the situation in this manner allowed me to be honest with him and explain that since we are still schooling and living here, these would be the times where I could feasibly have the house ready.
He was grateful. He knows this house is going to be a hard sell in this neighborhood. And any extra "spit shine" one can put on it is very helpful.
I must say so far this week has been much less stressful. While I still cringe at the idea that someone I don't know is walking around my house sending my poor puppy into a frenzy and possibly noticing I have YET to clean my oven, it is much nicer to leave our sanctuary on our terms and not at a moment's notice just because the phone rings.
This is also a reminder as I go through our yard sale stuff that we can get rid of much, do with less, and ensure more peace without all the excess to clean.

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