Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello...My Name is Allison

... and I am a slacker! Boy oh Boy I did not mean to take the entire summer off blogging but once we got fairly settled into our new place our social agenda filled up quick!
The thing about coming off a hard winter and an even harder relocation adjustment is once the sun comes out again EVERYBODY wants to do SOMETHING!
We went to cookouts, swam, took swim lessons, worked out, met LOADS of people, said goodbye to a few and welcomed more into our circle of "instant family".
We read books, weathered a hurricane, lost power, cooked and caught a variety of seafood for the first time, celebrated my Dad's 50th birthday, laughed, cried, and fell into our beds each night blissfully exhausted to have finally found our "spot" in this new to us world.

We have already started back to school and are looking forward to all the cool stuff lined up. I'm so torn on how fast the summer went so we are still spending as much time outdoors as possible. But I hope to return to my "regular" blog routine soon.
Now I will leave you with some special moments from the season...

hello dinner...

Maiden voyage of "the boat".
Summer concerts mean showing off splits right?
Libraries are awesome! Look what we found!

Jakob discovered Captain America
Fun times with cousins..
Daddy turned 50
Grandma spoiled us with a trip to the nail salon


Martianne said...

Thanks for commenting at THH.

Looks like you had a splendid summer. Enjoy all your outdoor time even as the school year unfolds.

Angela said...

I've missed your posts, girlie. And I am about to cry because MAN did those babies get big.

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