Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I have learned our First New England Winter

This season has taught me so much. Many have had a laugh at my expense over my naivety concerning the weather. Now that Spring is well on its way I feel safe that my education of winter is over for the moment. So for prosperity's sake here's a recap of my Winter Weather Lessons.... (I should also note that the day I scheduled this post to go out, a mere 6 days before Spring, it snowed.)

When the guy at Home Depot looks at you and says, "You're just gona pay a lot for heat, get over it." Believe him.

The old rule of waiting to play in the snow until it stops falling goes right out the window when its been snowing for 24 hours

Once people know you are new to New England they wait everyday for you to complain about the snow since you annoyed them 2 days into winter whining about the lack of snow.

Once it snows.... it stays....all winter long.

If you admit to loving all the snow because, "Yes its our first Winter up here." You will be blamed and/or cursed by everyone else that "This is ALL YOUR FAULT!!!"

Do not shake your head at the people driving past your house swerving down the street. There will be at least one day that you are caught unprepared and must join in the madness.

It doesn't matter if its North Carolina where they get snow once every 5 years or Rhode Island where you get snow every 5 days everyone rushes out for Milk and Bread.

You will wear layers inside... some days even mittens

Baking is the new excuse for heating up the kitchen. Note: the freezer can only hold *so* much bread.

You shovel all the driveways and walkways thoroughly..... once. After that it's only the necessities that get the treatment.

Mailmen have no problem looking at your mailbox and the 3 feet of snow in front of it that the snowplow left and telling your kids, "Tell you mom when she shovels the driveway, I'll bring back the mail."

The Snow is beautiful and you love it. Until someone reminds you that when it melts it floods. And you have a basement with windows. Oh boy.

They don't really have any secrets up here about keeping the roads clearer than the South when it snows. They stay nasty. You just get use to it or stay home.

One pair of gloves per person is SO not enough.

Layering in lieu of snowsuits is silly. Buy the flippin snow suit. It will save you no less than 10 loads of laundry a day.

When its cold outside you realize you have critters living in your garage. Because now they want in to get warm.

It stays daylight for about 10 minutes a day. Get outside or suffer the consequences.

Salt... You need it. Or you're not going anywhere on the day you need to most.

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