Friday, March 4, 2011

What did Hazel Do this week?

While I rarely have specific "educational" things planned for Hazel, she finds a way to make each day her own. Sometimes that involves more structured activities and sometimes it just calls for a tea party in her room with her babies. Some days she asks for "work" and other days she is completely content to pretend to be a cat....all day.

Here are a few of the things she has done this week:

Washed egg shells- we had a lot saved up from this weekend so she had fun washing them and making them "magically come alive". I usually purchase brown shelled eggs but happened upon a deal at a different store this week so we had white egg shells as well. She had fun making patterns and shapes out of the shells. This also sparked a conversation of "Why are some eggs white and some eggs brown?" Which led to us remembering together a book we read not too long ago , "An Egg Is Quiet".

Yoga- the kids are still enjoying yoga videos from the library and are excited as they are progressing in a pose better and better with each try.

Deconstruction of the couch- this meant all the cushions and pillows had to go to the floor so that puppy/cat Hazel could make a bed. This also revealed Momma's serious lack in cleaning under the cushions and massive amounts of "Oh I remember that! I thought I had lost that LOOOONNNGGG time ago." While Momma swept out the hidden treasures and dust.

Songs and finger plays- Circle time is mainly for her so she feels involved and a sneaky way for Momma to work in some mid-line exercises for her brother.

Chores- She is required to dress, clear her bed, put her clothes away, brush her teeth, have hair combed, and straighten her room everyday.

Drawing on the steamed up Mirrors- Our school room is in the basement as well as the laundry so when the dryer is going it warms up the room and steams up the large wall mirror. She likes to practice making letters (surprisingly recognizable) and pictures in the steam.

Play pretend- Like I said before, she likes to be a cat. Or a dog. Or a whale. You get the idea. She really dreams up these amazing story lines. Not that I'm "allowed" to listen. *grin*

She sewed- taking a cue from Jakob's recent interest in sewing she has requested to sew herself. With the help of an embroidery needle and some shelf lining paper she went to town. She also enjoys her Fairy Lacing cards I picked up from a consignment sale this summer.

She reads-She reads to me and I read to her. I love to hear her renditions of stories as she tries to remember them word for word and performs them with such gusto. A favorite right now is the Three Little Pigs. She has a couple of versions of this story and has to have each of them read to her often. We have read and loved a number of other books this week which I put together in a widget in my sidebar if you would like to take a gander.

She cooks- This week she helped cut some vegetables for our soup and "scrubbed" the cheese for our enchiladas. She is always a big help in the kitchen toting her "Little Mermaid" step stool around for a leg up.

She worked on letters- This week she decided she wanted to do "her work" and spent a few days going through her dry erase books of letters and practicing writing them and making their sounds. She also took great joy in making me spell her out different words (another thing she's picked up from her brother) so that she could write them down after she drew their picture.

She naps- This week proved more than ever that this little girl still needs her nap and I am grateful for my stubbornness diligence in after lunch quiet time. More than once Mike has asked if her being up a little later means she should not nap during the day, but the afternoon meltdown we had at the museum this week confirms this is not so.

She plays game- This week's favorites were Hi-Ho Cherry-O, Zingo, and The Goodnight Moon Game. We also worked a puzzle or two but she doesn't like puzzle work on her own.

She Gardens- We planted some seeds this week in our milk carton planters, perhaps a little too prematurely for actual growing success, but she planted seeds and put them to bed so that the working gnomes can help the flowers reach for the sky.

Now I do sneak in themes here and there. I check out certain themes of books and use that as inspiration for daily conversations. I like crafts, but there are only so many spaces on my walls so we try to limit themed crafts to one or two a week.

Well that's a week in the life of Hazel, minus the serious conversations about which yoga pants go with which shirt, the importance of teeth brushing, and the need to refrain from "swimming" in the bathtub.

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Angela said...

Oh, how I miss that Hazel-bug!! Sounds like shes up to the same mischief as ever, just getting bigger. Sigh!

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