Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekly Wrapup-March 14th-18th

Even though the days are definitely getting longer it seems as though time is flying by!
This week began our final Math Block for the year. We will work with Math from now until our stop date which will be the middle of May when we move. (Not to say that moving isn't FULL of lessons, but alas no formal lessons during this time)
Back when I first purchased the Waldorf Curriculum we are using, I was a little confused about "Waldorf Math". Certain concepts are taught on a different time line than a grade school are so there were certain things in each previous grade that we had not covered, and others we were ahead in. During my conference with Melissa (the author of the curriculum) she suggested I start from the beginning in grade one, coupling lessons where they are needed and work our way up. When we had this conference I was already halfway through my first week in Grade 3 Math and wasn't willing to break up the block. But now we are taking her suggestion and going back through the grades and learning and relearning it all.
It sounds a bit redundant but Jakob is really enjoying the way its presented with riddles and stories, and he is still working on his multiplication tables and reviewing other math skills learned throughout the year. I write a few problems each day in his math notebook for him to solve along with his times table practice.
This mainly takes the place of me feeling the need to formally assess him at the end of the year because we are going through it all now.

The rest of the week shaped up nicely as well. We started our seeds. Hopefully they will grow and all of the materials came from the recycling bin. I love it! This week Jakob and I will work with some of the scrap wood in the wood pile to begin piecing together frames for our beds at the new house. So prayers now that no one loses a fingernail or a thumb in the process would be greatly appreciated.

Earlier in the week I saw where someone was using a Root Viewer as a little Science experiment with their kids. It looked pretty simple so I made my own version with some glass jars and eggshells at the bottom to drain the water. Of course you could do this with plastic cups as well but I didn't have any.
We will see if we can find any roots.

Thursday was St. Patrick's Day and we celebrated with a day of eating all things green. Starting with Leprechaun Scones. (The Leprechaun flakes are pieces of spinach).

With the help of Pandora we listened to Celtic Music all day, talked about St. Patrick and Ireland, and read a few stories. After lunch we went to an annual celebration to hear some music and see the dancers. The kids were "river dancing" for the rest of the day.
We were all exhausted!

Jakob also started to knit again this week. He is making a pouch for his penny whistle and is knitting about 2-3 rows a day. We are using a variegated yarn that I already had so that he can easily see the difference in the working yarn and his stitches which can sometimes be difficult when all the colors are the same.

Reading wise he is still reading about 3-5 books a week. The most favorite series right now are Geronimo Stilton, Magic Tree House, Magic School Bus, and anything to do with the Solar System.
That was the week. Hope yours was awesome!
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