Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekly Wrapup- March 7-11

So much has happened this week its hard to believe that it all happened in one week! Its all been good though and I feel like we are continuing to move forward in the right direction with so many aspects of our life. I could write for DAYS on the revelations and "ah-ha" moments we have all had but no one has that much time. So here's the week in a nutshell.

Monday- Daddy unexpectedly had the day off, but we REALLY need to keep on schedule as we are approaching the end of the year so we opted for a light schedule. We did a little form drawing review by drawing the forms in flour. The kids first did this with their finger and then with a Popsicle stick. This week was our last week on Native Americans so there was a little review there and an intro to the Seminole Nation. We found their location on Jakob's globe and talked about the differences in the living conditions of the Natives we had been studying and the Seminoles. There was also a little basket weaving...very tough project. We BOTH had to work on it.

After that we packed up the kids and took a ride for the afternoon to look at houses, since we are planning to move after our lease is up into something that is a bit more accommodating to our needs. Thankfully we found one that will seem to work for us!

Tuesday- The worms came! Big excitement in the house. There were lessons and stories as usual. Tuesday was also Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday. Since St. Patrick's Day is next week we focused our attentions on Ireland and looked at how they celebrate this holiday. We learned that their day was mainly celebrated by mass consumption of pancakes, but that their pancakes were more like crepes than the pancakes we usually think of. It was also said that a maid could prove herself to be a good wife by how well she could flip the pancakes. So we tried it. Only one hit the floor, but I'm glad Mike didn't base his decision to marry me on my pancake flipping abilities. :)
Jakob did the best out of all of us.
Look at my handsome hubby flip them pancakes ;)

As a spur of the moment activity a friend of mine posted on Facebook that this was also Doughnut Day. So, why not? We made doughnuts. I mean it is FAT Tuesday right?

Wednesday- Business as usual. Stories, music lessons, reading activities and the like. That afternoon we took advantage of the weather and played outside for a bit. Jakob and I also started talking about the celebration on Lent and what it means. I am not doing any formal lessons on Lent this year but we did talk about things that we really wanted to work on specifically for the next 40 days. He decided he wanted to concentrate more on his work so that he could get it done in a more timely manner and go outside and play as the weather warms up. I love this kid.

Thursday- This is SUPPOSED to be our free day. I am constantly amazed at how much *work* and learning is accomplished on our free day. Jakob woke up with the idea that he wanted to make a paper hot air balloon and send it to a grandparent. He spent most of the day and many attempts trying to make it work. In the end we ran out of matches, but he successfully learned how to fold a paper balloon origami style by memory. He has taken great pride in making them for everyone in the house.
The first attempt...Conclusion: The toilet paper tube is too heavy

The second attempt: Enter Origami
Conclusion: Too close to the flame OOPPS!
Third Attempt: The plastic Bag
Conclusion: This expanded the most but still never flew.
"At least it makes a pretty lantern right Mom?"

Friday- This was one of my biggest "ah-ha" days. We do get a lot done in the week and for that I am grateful, but sometimes it feels as though I am constantly pulling both of the kids to the next part of our day. One of the members of the yahoo homeschooling group I am a member of posted about how much better her day with her kiddos when she wrote the the day's activities down for them. Not too elaborate, just a basic breakdown of the day. So I took a small dry erase board and wrote down what they were to expect of our day. Jakob seemed to REALLY enjoy this and worked very diligently on each aspect of the day. We were able to get to so much more and even had a little extra time. I have Monday's board ready to go and once we nail down this routine I will try my hand a writing the week's basic routine down so I don't have to write it everyday. I am enjoying this as well as it keeps me on track so that I don't get too lost in one activity or another and lose sight of the day.

What we didn't do this week- We did not do our normal before breakfast activity. Hazel has been hit or miss on the whole getting dressed easily deal so Jakob basically just finished his morning chores while I stood over her to dress.
We did not do any yoga this week. We his upon our first dud of a yoga video and the kids just did not like it, so there was lots of freeplay in the mornings.
We did not color with our block crayons or paint, and it was sorely missed. I am hoping to get back to those this week.

So that's us, how was your week?


Diana said...

Love the hot air balloon attempts! That's the best kind of learning - the stuff they inspire themselves! Your week looks great. You got quite a lot done. And I love writing out what needs to happen for the day. Keeps everyone (kiddos and moms) on the right path!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Great job flipping those flapjacks! Stopping by from Weekly Wrap-up!


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