Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Total Health Tuesday- Celebration Time

So, It's been exactly one month since I posted any stats. I finally have an appointment with the Nutritionist tomorrow but I wanted to share here my successes that I have had on my own.

Since Feb 15 I have lost 5 pounds! YAY!!
I have also surpassed the 100 mile mark on my trek to run and walk 500 miles in the year 2011. I'm actually ahead of the curve! Double YAY!!
After some really tough months of not even wanting to look at myself in the mirror, my face is FINALLY starting to clear up!

I really think the medicine is helping, but is definitely not a cure all. I also learned this past week that I cannot just depend on the meds to handle everything and that I have to remain diligent in my healthy eating habits. I ate horribly Tuesday and paid for it the next two days. While I am learning that I can indulge a little and not berate myself too bad, being conscious of not having a total blowout DAY is very important.

So for all my successes I am rewarding myself with a new pair of running shoes! Seriously though after going from sometimes 10 miles a week to more like 15 miles a week my shoes and my feet are worn out. Momma needs some cushion for her feet. I will also get a "free' day tomorrow as Mike has taken the day off for my appt. and told me to "go and have a day to yourself". Have I mentioned lately how much I love this man?

Have you had any successes lately? How are you rewarding yourself?

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