Friday, March 25, 2011

Project Simplify Hotspot #3- The Kids STUFF

This week's hot spot could not have come at a better week. Daddy was gone to school for the week and this project definitely required extra hands.
Specifically kid hands.
Our task was to go through toys and clothes of our kids and evaluate, sort, and clean.
The kids were to help decide what goes and what stays as a little life lesson on "stuff".
We worked hard all week long but finally finished today. It's not perfect but its done and we are all breathing easier with more room in our lives.

So first up Jakob's Room:

Disastrous. This child is his Momma's Boy holding on to all manner of clutter simply because he just didn't know where to put it and didn't want to offend anyone if he let it go.
The week was filled with "Oh I remember that!"'s and quiet reflections over the people that have passed through his life. There were lots of clothes and a few toys that was sent to the "sell" pile and a whole trash bag full of just...... trash.
And the finished product?

The room still needs a few finishing touches like vacuuming and hanging some art that we found, but other than that, MUCH BETTER!!

Now to Hazel's Room.
Here are some before pics....
I was uncertain how the "teamwork" part of this was actually going to happen. I admit some things I just tucked away without her knowledge but she really helped me with the most of the work. She washed all her dishes and dried them and then we went through and decided what could go and what could stay.
The clothes I did while she and her brother were playing with a friend. I knew she had clothes but MAN!! I just kept the items whose colors are "in season" as I'm sure she won't be the same size in 6 months. Other articles like corduroy pants I let go simply because she wont wear them and it defeats the purpose of me requiring her to dress herself if I insist she wear things she doesn't like.
My favorite part of the week came to sorting the dress up clothes. She tried on everything to make sure it fit and she still like it. Those that didn't went in the box.
And of course you always need someone to play dress up with right?

Here is her closet all nice and clean! I must have forgotten to take pictures of the rest of her room, but trust me it looks AMAZING. Best of all we both know where everything goes and have learned a few lessons on "Stuff".

But wait ! There's more! Here are the previous spaces that we have worked on and I am proud to say they are still clean!

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