Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Total Health Tuesday- Mind Games

Part of this journey is a mental one. Training and food aside we are human and it is VERY difficult and possibly reckless to ignore what goes on inside that "lump three feet above your butt" (Tom Hanks-A League of Their Own....nicely quoted).
Sometimes I have found that 1+1 doesn't always equal 2 with dieting. Sometimes there is more to it than just calories in and calories out. Sometimes when we forget to remember that our bodies are really still big ole' mysteries we begin to beat ourselves up.
"Why won't the scale move?"
"I can't ever run faster."
"This whole process feels like a prison"

Yes those are my thoughts, recently even, about the way this is going.
So what do I do about it?

Mind Games

I'm talking about focusing on the positive, gleaning motivation, and envisioning the life I know I am entitled to. It's not always easy. Some days I fail. Some days I only get it a little bit right. But EVERYDAY I try. And with each day things are starting to get a little brighter, light and understanding come through just a little bit more. And the person I see in the mirror, while still may not be the SIZE I want her to be, she's starting to look pretty good on the inside... content... happy even to take each day as it comes and put forth the best effort right now knowing in 5 minutes I may screw it all up again. But hey, I'm giving it a go!

Here are things that seem like they are working:
Meeting my day- I can't believe how much difference life has been now that I get up before the kids (everyday but Sat) and how my mood is so much better as I am ready for the kids instead of me being dragged kicking and screaming into consciousness by a 4 year old who "just wants you to move over Mommy, I want some covers too!" As she send bony elbows and knees into your back.

Music- I have become increasingly aware of the sounds around me particularly my music. While I like to run to some pretty hard and heavy stuff, I must be aware to not just have that music constantly around me. It's angry and I am more prone to be angry around it, feeding off the energy it emits. I also have noticed more and more the words rolling out of my children's mouths as they sing along with the latest craze on the radio. Sounds dirty. I don't like it. So I control it. The Beatles station on Pandora has brought some pretty happy and friendly music.

Taking a Time Out- Making sure that everyday I have at least a few moments after lunch to not be "on". Everyone is quiet either reading or napping or quietly finishing some project. Taking a moment to breathe is crucial in my day.

Setting a small goal (and only ONE goal at a time)- setting goals is not hard for me, getting there is the problem. Often times that is because I set too many small goals. Drink water? Sure I can do that, and give up coffee, and get up at 5 am everyday..... Right now I have one fitness goal. I have to walk or run more than 10 miles each week. That's it. Once I feel I have this goal achieved I will add on ONE more step at a time.

Reading- I read a lot with the kids and lesson stuff and doctors info on PCOS, but here lately I have really found peace and positive in reading for me. My Bible reading each day and a book just about something I want it to be. Could be a how to book, could be an inspirational memoir, could be a silly drama novel but its for me.

Meditation- the idea of just stopping and focusing on one thing or nothing at all has really helped to keep negativity at bay. For me focusing can come in the form of knitting, cooking, of just simply lying down and recalling the good parts of the day. This is most helpful especially when the kids and I may not have seen eye to eye and I am in the midst of negative thoughts about their behavior, my reactions, and the situation in general. I stop and grab a positive element of the day surrounding each person and focus on that and breathe. Helps with sleeping too.

Saying no- Too many times I have taken on too much all at once.... too many outings, too many errands lumped into one day, too many responsibilities to other people. Sometimes I get to the point where I am doing more quantity than quality and to be honest the quality stinks. So I try to make sure that if I am agreeing to something or someone that this task or person is getting my best and that I can focus on that alone. That is a gift I can give them and my sanity. This way I can be happy with my progress and the process and the outcome of almost everything I do.

Like I said before, some days I get it right, some days I don't. But I try. And that is what is helping to keep me positive and my meddling mind quiet.

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Angela said...

See, this is why I miss you so freakin bad. Love you!!!!

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