Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekly Wrapup- March 21-25

This week was awesome! Not because there were loads of activities, but because I *think* we FINALLY hit upon a rythm to our day that works both for me and the kids. Even Jakob commented, "This week has been a really good week!" YESSSS!
Math: We continued our exploration of numbers and Roman numerals. Jakob has really enjoyed the riddles suggested in the curriculum. He loves jokes and joke books these days, so a riddle really appeals to him.
He is progressing along very well in becoming comfortable with and memorizing his times tables.
He has mastered skip counting by 7s and we clap them out and hop them out to increase concentration. I can't wait to get outside and play hopscotch with the times tables. There was work on identifying shapes and their prefixes which give clues to the meaning of other words.

Music: Jakob has volunteered to perform for his Scouts troop to earn an arrow and a belt loop, so we've been working on some songs so that he has them down pat. This is such a test of patience on both our parts as he learns the music and teaches his fingers how to make the notes.
Writing: Last week I started to formally instruct Jakob on cursive writing. I held off for so long mainly because I was scared. Images of how cursive assignments from school tormented him kept flashing through my mind, but after finding a very simple program on this site, I felt confident that we could overcome this task. The past two weeks have been awesome! He has taken to writing on his small slate and as we learned new letters we have had so much fun coming up with words to write. Handwriting and spelling all at once! Success!

Handwork: Jakob has been working on his knitting diligently and experimenting with knitting with his eyes closed. Silly Boy. We also had a modeling day where we just sat and made different forms out of playdough. He created a jellyfish, a scoropion, a frying pan for the pancake Hazel made, and an alien ship. Fun times by all.

This week a favorite book was "Cockadoodle-moo!" After reading all the mixed up animals we took a few minutes and drew up some mixed up animals of our own. Jakob even designed special "signs" to represent each animal creation. The symbols looked a lot like the forms we had been working on so I was excited to see them in use.

We have instilled a Gardening Day for our weekly rhythm which can range anywhere from planting and weeding to just watering our seeds. This week we planted grass seed for our easter baskets and started our own fairy garden. I'm hoping to get a few little surprises together to live there with the fairies and gnomes.

Friday evening Daddy came home from school and we went to pick him up at the airport. Originally he was supposed to be in really late so I told the kids we were gona dress up in our pjs and pick up Daddy and go out to eat. Jakob was very skeptical and afraid people would laugh. When the flight was changed to much earlier in the day I opted not to dress out but Hazel would have nothing of it and promptly put on her kitty cat pjs. Jakob played it safe by putting his pjs on OVER his clothes... just in case. In the end he said, "Nobody even cares! This is COOL!"

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