Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Confessions- What a Day

My mind is racing. Things are not falling into place as I hoped they would. Questions go unanswered....still.
My head is not in the magic of the day but the chores, the "list"of self-imposed items I must check off before I lay my head down.
I stifle back the tears as I recall the moments already this morning I was not my best, speaking harshly, expecting more than I should, and jumping to inaccurate conclusions.
The phone rings, my mother calls. I want to talk, need to talk but my mind tells me, "You have too much to do."
I turn around and peanut butter is being eaten by the butter-knife fulls over the pretense of making sandwiches.
Instead of admiring the silly craftiness of my 4 year old I scold and take away her supplies.
Finally I have prepared my lunch. Sit and eat. Read a little and eagerly await that special time after the meal where I have imposed quiet time.
It's too much to hope for a nap these days, she is getting too big.
I sigh while reading my book and think about the list on the refrigerator, waiting... always waiting.
And then, with immaculate timing the little wiggle worm I have unsuccessfully kept at the dinner table looks at me in all sincerity with crumbs of bread hanging on to the peanut butter in her hair and exclaims,
"Sally the Camel Has Three Humps!"
And with that, she flashes her sweetest smile, washes her hands and puts herself to bed, with only a request for a hug.
How can anything compete with that.

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Angela said...

Love you. That is all :-)

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