Thursday, April 7, 2011

On Being a Coastie Wife... Waiting to Exhale

We all like to breathe right? Well of course we do, we like to live so we like to breathe. I have been trying to really be conscious of the "breath" of our days with school and as a family. By breath I mean the "in breath" of activities, learning, things we need to *do* and the "out breath" of relaxation, simplicity, and general recharging of our body and mind.
Just like anything else it's a work in progress. Right now school has a pretty good breath, "in" for work and "out" for play, activities, and down time.
Our family as a whole though?
Well, the adults have been holding their breath for a while now.
With the promise of a new and busier summer for my husband's unit, he and all his *guys* have been working hard to get ready, inspections, certifications, and fixing the laundry list of things that break on these overworked engines.
You know life as normal.
That's why it is *so* important for each person in this family to make sure and have their down time. Mommy and Daddy especially as we prepare for usual long days of manual labor, separation from family, and single parenting.
Down time usually comes in the form of leave. (time off)
Which my husband gladly put in for. And we were all excited and planned for. Time as a family, to reboot, recharge, and really get ready for all the excitement coming our way... moving to a new house, Scouts activities, dance recitals, Coast Guard functions, and the training of new guys coming in to replace the large number of experienced guys leaving the unit.
We know we need a break so we can face all of this at our best.

Unfortunately due some miscalculations, misunderstandings, and general just not knowing Mike was unable to get this precious week that we had based all our exhaling on.
To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. Both of us looked at each other last night worried for the other. "How are you going to handle no break?" "Are you going to be alright with kids, the move, AND no down time before Summer?" "Are YOU?"
When do we exhale?
When do we recharge?
When do we get back this special time?
To be honest I don't know.
It's hard living with so many uncertainties. But it's life. It will make us stronger. We can make more of a conscious effort to savor every little moment we have with one another, every evening where we can sit and play a game, read a story, sing, laugh, love.
These are the little breaths we need.
The ones that will give us just enough "new air" until we can finally exhale.

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