Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekly Wrapup March 28- April 1

My oh my the weeks seem to rush by!
You would never know that there are actually MORE hours of daylight now, as I still feel like some days I am still struggling to get it all done.

School this week though seems to have gone well.
Math: This week's journey took us through the 4 processes of math. To compliment the lesson I made these little math gnomes to play with. Meet Plus, Minus, Multiply, and Divide.

We used them and the little jewels they find to come up with various math problems.
While Jakob has already been introduced to 3 of the processes, Divide was new and this method also helped us work a bit more visually with Fact Families.
We have continued Times table work and Roman Numeral work through daily exercises.

For the past few weeks I have been testing out a more organized approach to theme work with Hazel and our circle time. There is nothing tremendous about this just the fact that I am paying attention to her involvement a little more.
This week's theme was Rainbows. We read some truly beautiful books this week.

She also enjoyed listening to a book each day with her headphones. These quiet moments are so valuable when it comes to covering new lesson material with Jakob and not overwhelming a 4 year old with information not at her level.

We took the time to see what colors we could get from plants.

And Red Cabbage (which originally looks purple, but dyes the cloth blue.... unless you add vinegar and then you get pinkish)
We have saved the vegetable dyes and will be using them for other fun activities in the month.

Jakob has continued with his culinary explorations this week and has made breakfast a few days. Tuesday he made (almost entirely by himself) Macaroni Minestrone Soup for dinner. YUMMMMM.

Jakob made me this surprise while I was knitting. "It's the Lighthouse of Alexandria Mommy! You know, one of the Seven Wonders!" Love this kid.
Each week the kids have a seasonal poem that we recite together. It's simple enough that often-times at least Jakob has it memorized by the end of the week. We perform them for Daddy at the dinner table.

Jakob asked me this week how to get a video on the computer. His uncle is a musician and posts many of his songs on youtube. We also use youtube for any visuals that we need for further explanations. So this week Jakob spent some time creating his own tutorials. You can see them here.

Handwriting has been going well. Jakob is writing with ease words with lowercase letters. He told me he is also looking at other words that he reads and turns them into cursive in his mind. He's so funny when he does this as he unconsciously moves his head as he make the shapes in his mind.

Reading-wise Jakob has moved on to The Boxcar Children. I was unsure if this was too much of a jump in reading levels, but he has really enjoyed the books. He has come downstairs each day from his silent reading time and told me all of the wonderful things that are happening.

I suppose that is a pretty good idea of the goings on in our learning spaces this week. What treasures have you found?

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Yum! That soup looks great! And I love your Math Gnomes! Stopping by from Weekly Wrap-up!


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