Monday, April 18, 2011

Menu Monday

Monday Monday Monday!!
This week I am slightly more enthused about planning. Only slightly though. I'm seriously contemplating working out a month of meals and that be the staple to go by.
Who am I kidding?
I could never stick with that!

This week's Breakfasts are a little all over the place as we are trying to incorporate a different grain each day. I'm still working on it, but right now rice pudding is for breakfast for Monday, and porridge on Friday.... the rest will come.

Lunch will be leftovers as I have yet to commit to making a loaf of bread since deciding I needed to try a gluten free option.

Dinner is where all the planning has taken place...
Quinoa and Balsamic Mushrooms
Butternut Squash Risotto
Black Bean Enchiladas
Turkey and Veggies (Our Passover Celebration meal)
Turkey Fajitas (because there will be leftovers and I got my Wildtree Fajita Spice this week)
Black Beans and Corn bread.
I will be making the tortillas with Sorghum Flour or Spelt so they will be gluten free as well.
I'm still on the fence as to going totally gluten free but am working on at least a variety of flours at the moment.
As I mentioned before I did get a variety of spices from a Wildtree party I attended, so I'm working on experimenting with those as well. Hopefully their website will prove helpful in finding new and yummy ideas for dinner!

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