Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Wrapup- Jan17-21

This week found me a little more ill prepared that I thought I was. Planning events, making presents, readings, and workouts seemed to just culminate this past weekend and left me a little worn.
Monday was a holiday and Jakob had a buddy over for a sleepover. Man I thought girls were chatty! LOL
Tuesday Hazel and I pretty much hung out as Jakob decided he should spend most of the day in bed recovering and reading from his "all-nighter". We had tried to do a lesson but neither of us were really "in it". So we sang songs and played his flute and called it a day.
Hazel and I folded clothes, played around a bit and did a super fun shiny snowflake craft inspired by this post.

Then it was off in the rain to a fun family Dr. appointment. (It was an appt for me and Mike had to meet me to watch the kids and then potentially go back to work *sigh*)

That night my buddy's water broke so I went and picked up her son and had a sleepover again. Which was great because I still had not really polished my plans for the week (oops!) and there was loads of reading, marshmallow gun fighting, and general good time to be had. Much more appealing at the moment than times table work.

Thursday is our Library Day so Jakob did at least search out and make a new entry in his 50 States Journal. Once home he read another Captain Underpants and helped make guacamole for dinner.
(Now that he feels more comfortable reading, he constantly volunteers to read to Hazel... keeps her calm while I am brushing her hair.)

Friday was our most productive day. After waking to more snow and a bit of a chill in the house, Baking Day was declared and we made a loaf of bread and some rolls for tomorrow night's Chili.
We also did a couple of Science Experiments inspired by this post. We aren't studying Arctic animals but the principle of fat keeping you warm applies to Humans too. I demonstrated this by allowing the kids to feel my hands (which are always cold) and then feel the skin on my tummy. I told them there was more fat on my tummy which kept my organs warm. Not so much fat on my fingers and they were cold. (The things you subject yourself to for your children lol). Afterwards we filled up the sink with ice water and tested out this theory by touching the water with our bare hands and then using the vegetable shortening to insulate our hands in a bag. The kids confirmed that they could not feel the cold through the fat.

We also did the clothes experiment found in the above post and got similar results, but since it was still snowing I was unwilling to traipse outside to set up the experiment and so the garage had to do. It just slowed the process.

The kids discovered a Yoga DVD this week from the Library and have been playing it nonstop. I tried incorporating a daily Yoga sequence for the kids at the beginning of the year, but my knowledge of Yoga is not up to "Child Standard". I am currently trying to rectify that by educating myself, but in the meantime they really enjoy something geared to them.
(oh man, he REALLY has got to start putting his shoes on when goes out in the garage, those socks are terrible!)
The rest of the day has found us shoveling and playing in the snow and generally "chill-axin" till Daddy gets home. Now off to start dinner and get ready for some "Despicable Me".


Our Side of the Mountain said...

We've got more than one pair of socks around here that look like that! LOL


See Jamie blog said...

Don't all kids socks look like that? ;)
Love the shiny snowflake!

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