Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not So Fat Tuesday.... Meeting My Day

This past week has been amazing for me. In deciding to embark on all these new changes for the New Year I knew I could not possibly find my rhythm and manage the kiddos at the same time. I am not a morning person but I decided I had to get up to take care of me so I can take care of them.
6:00 AM Every Morning!
Got my run in, my reading done, and an amazing thing started to happen. I could see the floor in front of my washing machine!
Then a series of posts began surfacing about getting up to meet your day instead of your day grabbing you and dragging you around. (you can find them here, here and here). This is nothing new. I have heard it before, but I'm not sure I was ready to *listen* until now.
Instead of looking with dread at the alarm clock and how early it is yelling at me, I have been jumping out of bed ready to get things accomplished so we ALL can have a better day.
And there's something else too. For the past two days I have been getting up with Mike (5:00 AM PEOPLE!!) and working out with him for about 30 minutes before he heads off to work and I continue with my run. This allows us a bit of time together, albeit working out but time together while we are fresh and not run down from the day. I love it! Especially because it makes me feel like we've gotten to a new level in our relationship. Cause yeah 6 months ago I would be WAY too self conscious to work out with him. (Probably helps we are doing yoga)
This of course means bedtime is earlier, but not too bad. We are all sleeping better and being more productive. YAY!!

And have I lost any weight because of it? Not a pound! LOL I also have succumb to a tub of Cool Mint Ice Cream hanging out in the fridge and some Kettle Chips. So I am sure that has something to do with the needle staying put. I can say though that will all this running I can SEE my thighs getting smaller, and my "bubble butt" has a lot more room in my jeans. I'm sure I will see a difference in the scale soon. Now I'm off to make breakfast. Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal. What are you having?

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Angela said...

We made that crock pot oatmeal recipe from the Move It 2011 challenge this weekend and it was delicious. Yay for seeing changes in your bod, and working out with mike, and finding your rhythm!! Miss you loads!!!

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