Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting into this Handwork thing...

I have been trying to incorporate more handwork into our weeks.
Traditionally for Waldorf this usually includes things like knitting, sewing, cooking, and the like.
There has been no set schedule for this as one might see on other's blogs.
We are new to this.
We do what we can.

So since Hazel's Birthday is coming up soon, I thought a little sewing would be nice to go along with her new doll I made.
Today we read The Hat- by Jan Brett

And since I had fabric I thought a little hat would be fun.

And it was.
For Jakob.
Hazel decided that this was not the project for her and stuck out her lip and opted to play elsewhere. *sigh*
this was to have been her project, I marked where she should sew as a guide. After 2 stitches she was done.
Although clearly was happy to receive the finished product

This is the one Jakob made. He did *sew* well (lol)
Jakob LOVED this activity and was really excited to have made something special to go with Hazel's birthday gift.

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