Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Confessions...Not So Fat Tuesday

Ok first weigh-in of the New Year! First week of my 500 miles in 2011 challenge, first week of Bible in 90 days, AND first week back to "school" with Jakob. Wow! That's a lot. Last time I posted my weight loss I had just started to count calories and wanted to see how that helped. After staying off the scales for a few weeks to allow for "learning curve" I re-entered the weigh-ins 3lbs lighter.

Today I jumped on the scales.... well lets be honest, after the food fest I threw for myself for the New Year I gingerly stepped on the scales today with both eyes tightly closed and prayed for a few moments before looking down.
2lbs down. That means since counting calories I have lost 5lbs! Yay!!
I also realized I had not been giving myself enough credit. When I logged my weight into my Lose It app on my Ipod I noticed this summer when I used the app my weight was 12lbs more! I have lost a total of 12lbs!!! Yipee!

Counting these calories has been a lot less troublesome than I thought now that I have found something that works for me. Plus weighing-in has become a little less scary as I can see how it affects my caloric need (another little fun component of Lose It).
And since the counter automatically adjusts calories for my workouts, I can eat and know exactly where I stand.
I still need to work on lowering the amount of carbs and sodium I intake as the percentages on my weekly totals seem high. But as of now things are working! Slowly but surely.

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