Monday, January 24, 2011

Hand-made Birthday

So I am super excited to share this.
I made a toy.
I Knitted a Doll!!!

Hazel's Birthday is Wednesday and I really wanted her to have a special doll this year.
Since my knitting skills are improving a little I decided to tackle this pattern from Wee Folk Art.
I love well written patterns.
My favorite part about this doll is that it is knitted entirely from my great-grandmother's yarn stash that I "inherited" for Christmas.
Not so coincidentally this incredible woman is Hazel's namesake.

Lots of hair! Just like Hazel Bug

I miss you Grandma Messick!!
I was very happy to carry on a piece of her to my daughter.
This part was the hardest for me. Sewing is my thorn

She doesn't have any clothes yet, but I'm hoping to remedy that soon. For now a little tutu I think will suffice for my tiny ballerina baby.

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