Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekly Wrapup- Jan 10-14

Lovely aren't they? Lol The kids have had a blast this week. We are still loving our new Waldorf Curriculum and Jakob is making great strides in his math processes.
This week we took what we had learned about ancient measurements and current measurements and spent the week converting the things we had measured in cubits into inches and later into feet. It was definitely a different experience and it took me literally all week to effectively communicate the process, but in the end he got it and was so proud of his work.

Music time is still his favorite part of our week and has really improved here as well. He knows enough of the notes now that we can begin a short daily practice which I think he will LOVE.

This week he devoured no less than THREE Chapter books. Two were Captain Underpants and one was a book on Monster Stories. He's back to Captain Underpants and Geronimo Stilton. My heart is so happy!

Wednesday found us with a mini blizzard here in the North, so Daddy was home and the kids played. I am hosting a baby shower this weekend so I took the opportunity to make up some goodies. The kids helped out with the peppermint bark. Thankfully no fingers were lost in the process. :)

Kids busting up candy canes

A WHOLE LOT of Yumminess!
Inspiration for this was found here. The recipe I actually used was here.

I have been a total wimp about the cold here lately but that hasn't stopped my kiddos from getting out there and making the most of it. Here is a snowman Jakob made and took a picture of himself. He wanted everyone to see it so here it is....
The snow didn't pack well and was froze over so he shoveled and packed a mountain until he could form it into a snowman. Or maybe a snow-dwarf....

This week's Science Day took us to experimenting with frozen water, how to melt water most effectively and why the trucks throw salt and sand on the roads before the snow and ice come.

Salt water vs Tap Water- Which freezes first

This experiment also allowed me to physically show Jakob why we can't just stop on the side of the road and go skating in any pond we thing is frozen over. I must take him skating soon.
That was our week!
Have a fun weekend!

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Looks like a nice fun week.

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