Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Interviewing Hazel

I have seen various posts of where you interview your child to record their thoughts at that age. The idea is to record their exact words it can be really hilarious.
Since she is turning 4 in a few short hours I present to you,
"The Interview with Hazel"
January 25, 2011
Me: I'm going to ask you a some questions ok? Just tell what you think.

H: Ok... can I write too?

M: Maybe in a minute, What's your favorite Color?

H: Purple

M: What vegetable do you like?

H: Purple

M: Do you like any special fruit?

H: Purple

Is everything purple?

H: Yes! It's my color.

Ok so what's your favorite drink?

H: The purple one you make for me and Jakob.

You mean the Blue punch we had at Ms. Keli's shower?

H: Yeah that one. It was purple. (ok)

Alright do you have a favorite toy?

H: Yeah my pink Care Bear... its right there!

What's your favorite holiday?

H: My birthday! With my candy!

Do you have a favorite animal?

H: um... my pet Neela! She's a looong dog.

Where would you like to go on vacation?

H: To North Carolina. To play with Grandma and Granny. Grandma has more games than you.

What is your biggest wish?

H: Presents!!! Like makeup, but I know I know I don't bring it in the car and put it on. Mommy why do you wear makeup.

Because I'm older and it helps Mommy's skin look a little better.

H: (whispering) When I get old like you I'm going to wear YOUR makeup! *giggle, giggle*

Ok I'm sure you will. What was the best thing you did today?

H: I played in the snow. No I wanted to play in the snow but it got dark because I wanted to watch a movie and then you said it was too late.

So what did you actually do today?

H: I played with my friend Garrett in Florida. We played in the house with Neela and then we ate out of my lunch box from my butterfly school at Ms Angela's. Ok I'm done. Let's go read my story now.

And there you have it.
Look out world Hazel Makenna is 4!!!

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Angela said...

Love. Miss you guys like crazy.

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