Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Anticipating Improvements for 2011...

As the year 2010 closes I look with great anticipation to 2011. This past year has come with some very hard lessons to learn, not all of which I am happy I had to learn them, but I'm sure I will prosper from their knowledge in the future. Each year at this time many set resolutions for themselves, perhaps kicking an old habit, learning a new skill, or most often a resolution to live a healthier life.

I too am looking to make resolutions and set goals to have a healthier life, but I believe it takes more than just the exercise I do or the calories I count, or even whether or not my food is local, organic, and fresh. I think a healthy life comes from working on various aspect of oneself such as your mind, your body, and your spirit. Here are my thoughts on my goals for 2011

Mind- I hope to embody a peace of mind this coming year. I hope to allow for time of healthy reflection, meditation, thanks, and in general positive thinking. To accomplish this I believe that taking a page from this post by Simple Homeschool will point me in the right direction. I am still contemplating my words for the year but so far "SIMPLE" and "PEACE" are definitely on the list.

Body- Oh I have many goals for my body this year, some realistic and others possibly not so much. Mainly I want to strive to train my body to be in a healthy condition as we have decided that we might possibly be ready to expand our family. Although there are many factors involved I know that I must do my part to get myself as healthy as I possibly can and everything else will fall where it needs to be. To help me be accountable I have signed up for a challenge inspired by a dear friend. I will be striving to run 500 miles in the year 2011. If you would like to join sign up here. There is an option for 500 hours of fitness as well.

Spirit- My spiritual journey is in definite need of attention. To accomplish the level of knowledge that I hope to gain of my Creator I have joined Mom's Toolbox in her Bible in 90 days challenge. I must admit that I have never read the entire Bible, Revelation being a scary book for me, and all that history I'm not sure I have been ready to embrace until now. I pray that this will spur me on to a better spiritual relationship and understanding.

These are all very lofty goals for me to aspire to. I hope that by engaging myself in these various accountability sites this will make attaining these goals a reality.

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Angela said...

Man you are soooo right on the whole mind-body-spirit thing. Stupid balance. Its so hard! Looking forward to hear what you come up with in the mind department, so I can steal it :-)

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