Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekly Wrapup- Sept 27- October 1st

While last week I took a million pictures, this week I took hardly any. It was Wednesday before I realized I had not broken out the camera once. But that's ok.
Jakob woke me Sunday showing me a picture he had drawn of a "Blue Bird with a black strap", it made my heart sing to see him taking in his surroundings and observing nature because weekends are the only time he is allowed to play his Nintendo DS we rarely see him other than the blur to and from the bathroom and the 5.2 seconds he spends inhaling his meals. The kid wakes up at 5am on the weekends just to get his time in. But this day he was looking up and out at the world and not down at that blue plastic thing. (I'm not sure if you can tell or not, but I'm not a fan of video games)
I decided to make note this week the types of things that the kids initiate or seek to learn on their own, that I did not have planned to do.
Make a "to scale" map of the living room
Use counters to estimate crown design for Hazel
Practice aim and distance with rubberbands
Explore the simple machine ramps
Re-enact the story of The Three Little Pigs
Determine Direction of wind with finger for best plane flight pattern
Explore the force of air with plastic bag and bicycle pump
Building of steps with a Tree trunk as his base
Color ON the leaf... because there were no pink leaves

I tried to keep little lists to add to. Most of this is a result of me throwing the kids outside for at least an hour or so in the mornings to enjoy the beautiful weather while we can. They would get quiet and I would stop what I was doing to see what they were up to and caught them just exploring. Explosion of inventions he has sketched out and the massive amount of questions he has begged answered has amazed me.
For example not many 8 year olds I know talk about hair color dominance. I was impressed. Especially since the conversation is usually about Sonic or his inventions or "The Shredder"

While I am thrilled they are such explorers I am happy to announce that they are also enjoying some of the things I actually plan.
Calendar time is a hit, along with our Bible time, our Reading Lesson ( we are using Progressive Phonics...FREE!!!), and I read them poems each day about the season of Fall. We have discussions about our subjects of the week based on the day, read a book or two and if the inspiration hits we back it up with a project. If not then we finish going about our day.
After Lunch and our daily Chapter (We are Reading Guardians of Ga'Hoole Book One) the kids lay down for a mandatory rest. Jakob is allowed to read, write, or relax while Hazel must lie in her bed. This is to last at least an hour so that I can work on future lesson plans and my own homework. After an hour Jakob comes down and works on his independent work such as spelling, vocab, math, and journaling prompts.
Alright now for the pictures: I think I may have more than I thought.....

Hope you've had a wonderful week!

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