Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Confessions... So I lied and another Challenge!

Ok so I said I wouldn't step back on the scale this week. But I lied. I did. I was a bit peeved about not losing anything that I just had to know and guess what.
5lbs to be exact!!
*this is me doing the happy dance over here!*
I finished my run to Boston, YAY, and boo all at the same time. I didn't plan as well as I had hoped and there was no time or money in the budget for me to go. :-(
So I went and had my eyebrows threaded... yeah not the best reward as it turns out.
Mike came home and said, "Um your eyebrows look weird. How much did you pay for that?"
And so I ended up doing them myself to which he replied, "MUCH MUCH better babe."
I never thought I would be married to a man who had an opinion on my eyebrows but hey, at least he was honest.
So now what do I do, I've lost 5lbs and run 38 miles. Why run some more of course!
Starting October 1 Angela and I began running "towards" each other. Its over 700 miles and will take us quite a while but we are saving up and will have a fun party after its over.
I have lots of plans for this little trek of mine and most of them involve a camera and my scrapbook cutter! Interested? Well you should be! But it will have to wait until next week. In keeping with my "hilarious weekly video" as Nicole puts it here is mine for the week. In tribute to October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month......

Save the TATTAAS!! Dance the Calories away! What could be better?

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