Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Confessions... Not so fat Tuesday

Opps! Has it really been that long since I updated? My buddy Nicole was going to take some time away as her family came up and I guess I took that time as well. Haha

Anyways last time I updated I had lost 5lbs. Yippee. The next week I lost an additional 2. Then I gained them back. Just the 2 though so no major gains. My mom was in town and Mike was home so routine went totally out the window. Not to mention my fast food abstinence.

Now we are back on track and everyone is where they are suppose to be and Halloween is coming!! AAAAAHHH!
I saw this really cute post about the Pumpkin Fairy over at The Magic Onions. While I'm not sure I can fully convince my kids to give up all their candy, I do believe there are plenty of single Coasties at Mike's work that are in desperate need of a sugar high. Plus Jakob likes to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters that come by after we go out and we use some of our stash to supply theirs. Makes a momma proud to see her son dump his candy (minus the chocolate and Dots of course) into the community bowl and set it out with a note for anyone stopping by.
That's the plan for Halloween.

On to the fitness stuff. I have been really good about making sure I run at least 10 miles a week. I slacked last week in the middle and had to punish myself with TWO DAYS of 3 mile runs. Although I was dying it really showed me I can push harder and accomplish more (maybe even see those 2 lbs come back off?). This week I hope to increase to at least 11 miles a week.

Here's a little challenge though for anyone that wants to join. My 30th birthday is Nov 4. My buddy Angela and I are running a virtual 5k that day. Meaning on this day at whatever time we will go out and run 3.1 miles. I am challenging myself to do this outside since I always run indoors on my treadmill. So if you would like to celebrate with me saying so long to my 20's and run, let me know or just go out and do it. (it would be cool if you let me know though.. in the comment box *grins*)

That's how life has been on the health-o-meter here. Go on over to Nicole's site to see what she's doing.

And here's you fun video for the week featuring my little bro.

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