Friday, October 29, 2010

Handmade- American made Suggestions

Remember this post about the Holidays?

Well I thought I would update with a few suggestions in case you are still stuck.
A couple of weeks ago I received a very special package in the mail. It was from Jessica over at I'naru' Bath and Body. She's a homeschooling momma down in Florida who makes the most wonderful soaps and bath products.

She asked me to try some samples and tell her what I thought. And my oh my I am in heaven!! Between the soaps and the body butter and the scrubs, and let's not forget the shave cream. Oh I haven't felt so pampered in a long time!! What I have liked about these soaps so far is their surprising suds (I haven't used bars in a while) and the wonderful spa-like scents that fill the shower and just melt away all your worries. I have been around essential oils and fragrances for years as my mom has studied bit of their healing powers and on some of my sad days I can always find comfort in an uplifting oil. So it is nice to pair that with my bath routine for total relaxation.... no matter how many toes and fingers peek under the door.

Jessica has a website for her soapmaking business of I'naru' Bath and Body here. I regularly am jealous of the scents she speaks of whipping together in her shop. After experiencing them for myself I'm not so sure that I won't be giving in to them! I definitely know that a certain niece of mine will be receiving a sweet smelling something in addition to her Auntie-made gift. So if you would like to purchase a little closer to home and support this awesome momma go see Jessica at I'naru' Bath and Body. And tell her Allison says hi! :-)

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