Monday, October 25, 2010

Mission of the Month- November 2010

Mission of the Month

Over at Mama Jenn's (yet ANOTHER blog I hopelessly stalk... seriously ask anyone, I have an addiction)she has started her own little check list each month so I decided I would join in the fun. Since the Holidays are so near and we have pledged to hand make a large portion of our gifts, I need to keep myself on track.
We are having a late Thanksgiving/early Christmas with my family the first week of Dec so I need at least those presents made by then.
I don't *think* anyone from my family reads my blog I'm gona just go ahead and post my list here...if they do then oh well they are old enough to deal. (lol)

My November To-Do's
Grandma- Hand Pillows by Jakob and Hazel
Mom- Needle Felted Foot display
Dad- Hat and? scarf
McKayne- Scarf (blue and gold)
CaLeb- Hat
Danielle- scarf (red and orange)
LM- Tutu
Tripp- felt food
I think everyone will also receive family photos so I suppose I should add the photo shoot in there.

Wow. This list seemed a lot smaller when written on a Post-it note. But no worries. The task is set and I am up to the challenge. If you feel like joining in to help keep yourself accountable, hop on over to Mama Jenn's blog.

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Mama Jenn said...

Oh, that is great that you already have your list made! I still need to get mine on paper!!! Thanks for joining in!!

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