Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Confessions.... You win some, you lose some

Alright quick update here for the week before the kids get up. We are all a little under the weather with sinus issues so I need total silence to even type this out.

This week I have kept up with my running. I took my first day off Friday because my knee was starting to aggravate me. Plus we had no less than a million things to do.
After talking it over with my Ang, I think I just tried to do too much too quick. I had increased my distance by just a little, but I also pushed to shave over a minute off my time. I am still amazed at how all this works.
I weighed myself last week since everyone was reporting a weight loss and yeah not going to do that for a while. I didn't gain anything thank goodness, but I didn't lose anything either and while I rejoice in that small miracle I am seeing some positive physical results of my running and do not want ANYTHING to discourage me.
The results? Well I'm glad you ask! (lol love talking to myself).
over the past 2 weeks I have noticed less bulging in my rear area, and around my tummy. While I still look like a bloated cow in my stomach, I can definitely feel where my abs are engaging when I run. I put on a pair of capris the other day which at one point were almost retired as too uncomfortable to wear and not only did they fit, by I had the saggy butt look going on in the back there was so much lose fabric! Yay!! That is my win.

I am a mere 2 miles away from Boston, and have so far successfully avoided any drive thrus. We did have Subway one day and Sunday we went out to eat, but I ordered a chicken salad (soo proud of myself lol)....granted I did indulge in the bloomin onion we got, but my average on bloomin onion intake is about once every 2 years so I am excusing myself there. (Although that may be why I have had no weight loss)

The bread thing I am not doing so great on and will work on that harder this week. My water intake has been stellar as I drink an entire water bottle for every cup of coffee I drink. thats about 16oz a pop.

I feel the need to start working on some weight training as I feel that will help me see some results in the belly area. My goal is to do some sort of abs 3x a week. I plan to incorporate this mainly through pushups and situps and am seriously toying with the idea of taking up hooping.

This was my week, how's urs?

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**Nicole** said...

You go!!! And although seeing the number on the scale go down down down is nice, visible "wow I'm looking better" results are even better!!! I actually feel like my tummy is looking tighter even though weight wise I'm not going many places yet. LoL! Love the weekly hillarious videos. I once won 2nd place in a hulu hoop contest and can still swing these hips with the best of them LOL!!!

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