Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekly Wrapup- Oct 26-29

Monday- Fought the entire day to get back into the swing of things and succeeded on many fronts and failed on others. Case in point Hazel's room when left unattended to while Jakob and I read a book... ONE LITTLE BOOK!!!

Sunday night he was promoted to Bear Scout level at his troop's Pack meet/Halloween Party. So when I said "We need to finish up this unit on Birds and make your poster for Scouts", he was all ears. We looked at and talked about different birds and their nests, learned various ways to attract them using foods and feeders and the differences in their eggs. While I was reading the book he had the field guide from the library out and was looking up the birds in the glossary to have an actual photograph as a comparison. I love his little inspirations when it comes to learning. Reading, Math, Calendar Time, Spelling, and Writing followed.

Tuesday- Set out the official plan for this bird poster (will it ever end?) Read lots of books, began talking about trees, ACTUALLY finished Guardians of Ga'Hoole: The Capture and played a lot. Somehow even though we have trees in our yard, the leaves do not stay in our yard. So Jakob and Hazel spent the day making these teeny tiny piles and jumping in them.

Wednesday- Bird Poster/File Folder is complete! YAYAYAY!! Oh and remember those meal worms? Over the weekend I checked on them and had determined they must be dead. Glad I didn't toss them though cause when I told Jakob our meal worms weren't gona make it he insisted I show him. Lo' and behold there was a beetle! So now with a renewed faith in this experiment we are waiting for the other two to change. So exciting right? BEETLES!! lol

That night the Library was playing How to Train your Dragon so we went popcorn in hand and had a blast. Afterwards Jakob has been obsessed with dragons and has been drawing up plans for each family member so that they can "customize" their own dragon. Pretty cute.

Thursday- Library day. Here Hazel has Story Time and Jakob hits the stacks for his Investigation of the 50 States. He chooses his state and finds information about said state based on a list. He also has to find one "fun fact" which is basically anything interesting he reads. This helps him not only with reading but using his library skills, not to mention satisfying the all important Scout requirement.

Friday- Regular routine with a lot of baking thrown in for good measure. It's cold outside so I decided today should be bread day and have been keeping the kitchen warm and toasty (not to mention yummy smelling) with zucchini bread and loaf bread for next week. We began utilizing Marylin Burns' book Math and Literature and Jakob really impressed me with how he tackled the task. I love that this way encourages him to make math make sense to him and not necessarily how I would do it or the book would. Of course the day would not be complete without Halloween crafts and we made spider webs with glitter and spiders with our hand prints (various crafts I have seen through the years).

Throughout the Week Jakob has been taken with our resident spider and notating what she has been capturing in her web. It is also interesting to see her immediately fix her web directly after her meal.

Our family collaboration this week was the Jack-o-lantern. Jakob had drawn up a few ideas and Hazel got to choose. I then passed down the job of scooping the gunk out of the pumpkin to my kids. This was the first year I could really sit back and enjoy not having goo up my fingernails. And yes I did enjoy it. Here's the pumpkin after Jakob and I carved it.

I love how scary he looks!
Alright folks, its time to call it a week. I have newly purchased yarn and a few projects calling my name. Be sure to check out what others are up to at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers


Forest Rose said...

That's what my 2 daughters' room looks like...most of the time! And ya it only takes a few moments doesn't it...LOL:) Have a blessed weekend!

Forest Rose

SmallWorld at Home said...

Sounds like a great week! And congrats to your little guy on his Bear rank!

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