Friday, October 8, 2010

Weekly Wrapup- Oct 4th-8th aka The week that wasn't meant to be

So this week Daddy was suppose to be off work, but the boats didn't get fixed so he had to not only work but work extra late hours. He "took" the week off so that I could observe in some Middle School classes this week for one of my own classes (still pluggin' away at this degree).
Since that didn't pan out one of the mom's from the meetup group graciously volunteered to be my savior and watch the kids.
So after much preparation and waking up really early to get everything together, I took them to Miss Stacey's house to play. Only to have to turn around and come back because the *new rule* in school is that the only security clearance that is considered valid is a Rhode Island one, not my clearance from Arizona that I paid $65 for and is good until 2015. No, I need a $35 one from Rhode Island that our local police station "politely" told me they didn't have time for and now I have to go to the Attorney General's office (gosh that sounds intimidating) and pay for parking AND another Clearance. Really? Ugh!!

Anyways!! The week wasn't a total loss although I never did accomplish my goals of observation hours or a new clearance card, but that will have to wait for another day.
Monday: the kids made pine cone bird feeders at Miss Stacey's, we hit the library, and Jakob had Scouts
Tuesday: We did our normal routine, talked about birds and the visual differences between male and female and why they are different. We checked on our meal worms and measured them, read about Davey Crockett, and enjoyed another chapter in Guardians of Ga'Hoole. It was kind of chilly so to heat up the house and ourselves we made "Nest Cookies" aka thumbprint cookies rolled in crushed pecans. Of course that calls for a frying pan and a few "Haaayy Yahhs!"
So much fun.
Bird's Nest cookies filled with a little homemade blueberry jam. Hits the spot every time :-)

Wednesday: Business as usual, we read about Johnny Appleseed and worked a few problems out of a Math picture book called - "Math-terpieces" by Greg Tang. Jakob LOVES it and I have to set limits on the amount of pages we will do. It helps him with fact families, something he never fully grasped in public school. He loves it so its a winner! Since we read about Johnny Appleseed (and it was still wet and chilly and I needed an excuse to turn on the oven) we made a simple apple pie based off the recipe found in a wonderful book I found at the Library, "A Child's Sensory Treasury" by Betty Jones. I have a feeling this book I will have to own.
We started by finding the star in the apple....
and then proceeded to cut little pieces off the apple for our pie....
Very serious work indeed.
Next to complement the stars in the apples we cut stars our of dough to go on top of the pie...

That topped with freshly whipped cream just made dinner perfect!
Thursday: We went to the Library for story time and saw some friends we haven't seen in a while and caught up. Then it was business as usual at home with Tall Tales, plotting owls, and Math from masterpieces.
Friday: Today I couldn't get it together. I decided we needed to clean today once we finally got our day started which turned into, "But Mom, you haven't fixed breakfast yet!" It's 10:30...Opps!
While I made pancakes, they did their chores. Then they ate whilst I cleaned up. I had every intention of setting them on a task after breakfast but the next thing I knew Jakob was teaching Hazel the intricacies of dodgeball and fort-making and I just couldn't interrupt that. So I cleaned, they played and then about lunchtime we actually squeezed in Calendar Time and a Bible lesson before we totally lost our focus and gave up and went back to the Library for Lego Time.

The week was much more productive than I planned but at the same time not. In the end I am totally exhausted and by the sound of things upstairs Jakob has made a new friend in the neighborhood. Who says homeschoolers don't know how to socialize?!?! Bah!
That's our week how was yours? To check out other Homeschooler's weeks head on over to Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.
Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

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Giggly Girls said...

Ahh, the military. They never care about our plans. Actually, we just retired so I don't care about theirs. LOL

Yummy pie. We made mini-pies today. We were missing the whipped cream though.

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