Thursday, October 7, 2010

Calendar time

We "start" our day with Calendar time. Usually we have been up for a while and the kids have been playing. While they are getting along for the most part I let them play. Since Jakob was in school last year and he has taken some time to visit other family, it has taken a bit of time for them to become use to each other on a constant basis. I feel as though this mainly comes about by having time to play and work out their differences in their play. With that being said, our "school" day starts at different times of the day based on our success or lack thereof with getting along. I am happy to admit that I now am starting to set a "wrap-up" amount of time on the timer since more often than not they have been getting along fairly well.

Ok so Calendar time:
We start each day with finding the Month, Day, and Date. Hazel is in charge of this mainly because it involves stickers and number recognition, a skill Jakob has mastered. We spell the month and day of the week, sing the months of the year song and the days of the week, and count to the date. If the date is lower than 10, then we count in Spanish as well. My Calendar is just a discount calendar I picked up at Michaels after the first of the year for like 25 cents. I have a few of these which proves handy for various projects. I just cut them up and fix them to this posterboard (which I also already had) and there ya go. Next we skip count based on the awesome printables from Homeschool Creations. Hazel is welcome to participate in this but I don't push her. This is for Jakob to help him with Multiplication. Next we say the Boy Scout Pledge, and the Law of the pack. Now that we have this down I will be adding seasonal poems and songs for us to commit to memory. (and as soon as I find it a decent multiplication rap that as well)

Next we go to the 2nd poster where Jakob fills out the day, date and another way to write the date while Hazel looks outside and places the correct weather picture to the day of the week. Then Jakob uses the clock provided to find the time. Hazel uses her Melissa and Doug clock to find the hour for number recognition.
Next we count down our days. I have told the kids once we get to 100 we will have a party. I am so glad I did this because they ask to be accountable now. They take turns coloring in the number after Hazel finds it. Then we count to that number. Next we show the days in school by place value with numbers and words.

Finally I use a little dry erase board and a broken phone to work on our phone numbers. Since we don't have a land line, I have the kids memorize both mine and Mike's cell. They practice dialing the numbers as a hands on connection. This is important in the crazy chance the kids get seperated from us and need to ask a police officer to call us. Plus I told Jakob he could not give out my cell until he could memorize it.
Next we work on our address locating the house number, street name, city, state, and zip code. This I am having them just memorize right now. They (mainly Jakob) will write it and others soon.
The whole outfit is a little shabby looking but I used all items I had here to put it together, and the kids like it. So cheap and the kids are in .... thats enough for me!

We have been working on this for a little over 2 weeks now and it is starting to take less and less time as the kids get it down. I am glad because all this packs a huge academic punch for both Hazel and Jakob in a short amount of time, and they have fun doing it... we'll see if we all say the same come day 75? lol
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