Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekly Wrapup- Oct 11-15

Wow this week went by crazy fast!! My mom came into town on Thursday evening so getting things all together for her arrival and staying on track with school was a challenge. We were all too excited. But according to the massive amounts of pictures I just edited it seems we had a fair amount of fun learning moments in there as well.

Monday: Columbus Day- Daddy was off from work! And did we let him rest? Of course not!! Since the kids weren't able to have their week off with him last week they wanted to do everything they had planned to do in this one day. While that wasn't too realistic we did manage to show Daddy a few fun places. We went back to Four Town Farm and journeyed through the corn maze again and picked a perfect pumpkin to carve, and some others to cook.

When we got back home Mike realized there was a screw in the tire and went to get that fixed and the oil changed and Hazel took a nap. I was determined to learn something about Columbus today and so Jakob and I sat down with the book "Animals Christopher Columbus Saw..." and began to read. It took us a while to get through it all because Jakob wanted to stop and draw his renditions of the book whenever he saw an interesting fact. We both we intrigued and disgusted by a fact about Frigate Birds and the Booby bird. The Booby swoops down to eat, swallows and the Frigate comes by and scares the Booby and he spits out his food that the Frigate then eats. Totally gross and the only thing Jakob could talk about for the rest of the day. Go figure. After the book we made paper boats and floated them in the bathroom sink. That night we watched a documentary from the library on Columbus which was really interesting for all of us.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Regular routine. Talked about differences in bird beaks and feet and what their uses were. Finished up reading our selection of Tall Tales, and started writing our own. More work in Math-terpieces and a few new fingerplays and songs from "A Child's Seasonal Treasury". Jakob also has requested I teach him to knit and started this week. Made me cry it was so unexpected.

Thursday: We spent most of the day trying to figure out WHEN Granny was comming. There was a bit of confusion with her flight times so that left me with two very excited young'uns and no definite answers. So we went to the Library for Story-time and Jakob started his work on the 50 States (more on that later). We read about 5 chapters in Guardians of Ga'Hoole (this book is soo good!) and finally Daddy showed up with Granny in tow!! YAY!!!

Friday: We went to Salem, Mass. Holy cow!! We went to take in the sites and a few museums, mainly the pirate museum and 2 of the witch museums. I had planned on prepping Jakob with a little knowledge about the place before we left but time got away from me and I ended up letting the locals tell their story. And boy am I glad I did. Many of my preconceived notions of what the Salem Witch trials were about really were proved false. We had a lovely day learning about all the facts and fiction and enjoying one another's company.

This guy (can't remember his name) was one of the founders of Yale and dug up the bodies of those hanged to compare their bones and prove their involvement with the devil.

The family that is punished together, stays together :-)

This is so funny for my mom. She is a Reflexologist, and this "guide" was found in the local Witch History Museum. Can we say praise the Lord for living in a different century?

We are still having a blast with Granny here and may or may not get a ton accomplished next week, but that's ok. How was your week?

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wdworkman said...

Looks like you all had a really fun week!
Janet W

Jenny said...

Sounds like a fun trip I would love! Fun making paper boats. Do you recommend that book - I see that there are "animal" boooks for different explorers, they sound interesting??

The Fambros said...

Yes the book is great! Lots of info so it may not prove interesting to get through for the youngest ones. We read it during Hazel's naptime

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